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Focusky provides Free Business Presentation Software with Mind Mapping paths

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Users can incorporate mind mapping paths into their creations to explain their ideas logically and clearly to the viewers.

Focusky is a solution provider when it comes to designing grand business presentations. Enterprises that partner with Focusky have unlimited access to their free business presentation software which is filled with features and functionalities that develop result-oriented business presentations. Most of all, users are empowered to create presentations that are unique and reflect their brand positively to attract new shoppers. Such innovative video presentations capture the target viewers' attention, and when enriched with compelling ideas and product information, they are definitely going to sell.

“Creating business videos using our software is simple and straightforward,” said Jason Chen, the President of Focusky. “We understand the importance of video marketing to enterprises that are competing for a share in the lucrative market. That’s why we offer software that can transform marketing using effective tools to craft strategies and tactics through charismatic video presentations. We don't just give users the tools to design presentations; we go a mile further to offer those avenues for sharing them."

When viewers enjoy watching video ads, their purchase intent and brand association increase. Great videos have rich and informative content, powerful transition and animation effects as well as graphic content such as charts and graphs. Videos that entice audiences will have a high ranking on search engines. Therefore they should be created with the target viewers in mind, and they should be able to tell a story that will grab the viewers' attention. Focusky allows users to narrate their ideas and stories through compelling business presentations. While creatively relaying their story, users will also highlight their objectives and prompt the viewers into action.

“Our free business presentation software gives users the leeway to customize their presentations according to their marketing needs,” continued Mr. Chen. “Utilizing our mind-mapping feature will enable them to organize presentation content into mind mapping paths. In this way, they will explain their content consistently to make their ideas clear and logical to the viewers.”

The free business presentation software from Focusky is for those users who want their presentations to reflect their brands. They can design their videos with special effects such as annotations, graphs, charts formulas, shapes, curves, annotations, WordArt and more to make their ideas more persuasive to the viewers. The zoom feature can help to highlight these effects to give viewers a comfortable viewing experience. Users can also spice up their presentations by incorporating background music and annotations to get audiences to focus more on the significant parts of the presentations.

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