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The Brochure Maker from FlipHTML5 ensures High-Security Brochures

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FlipHTML5 allows users to set access controls and restrictions on their brochures to prevent any alterations on the projects.

Brochures are marketing tools that impart credibility of businesses while highlighting their values, products, and services. They provide a long duration of exposure to business brands and can help them maximize conversions and establish brand identity. Brochures give publishers ample space to describe their products and services. FlipHTML5 provides a brochure maker that can be used to design e-brochures that are highly optimizable for various mediums including mobile devices and the web.Enriching brochures with presentations, animations, graphics and more features from FlipHTML5 helps to grab the attention of readers online.

“Users can utilize our software to make brochures that respond to customer touch and voice commands with the help of the native Android app," said Jackie Peng, Customer Service of FlipHTML5. “They can also integrate lead magnets through call-to-action buttons for viewers to click on and submit their requests for quotes on products. This will increase customer engagement and lead nurturing, and when this happens, conversions and sales are bound to increase.”

The brochure maker from FlipHTML5 allows users to present their products and services in a fun and interactive environment. The digital brochure presentations look magnificent on any device including smartphones, desktops, tablets and more. This makes readers spend more time perusing through the products and offers given by enterprises. And with the page flipping effect, it is easier for readers to flip through the great color product pages, stunning graphics and captivating video content that is embedded without the hassle of having to scroll through hundreds of pages or clicking on YouTube.

“We provide pre-designed templates and themes for users to create custom digital brochures in various formats that speak their brand,” continued Jackie Peng. “Publishers can host their brochures on their homepages, share on social platforms or publish on our FlipHTML5 cloud to enhance product promotion. Furthermore, users can create as many brochures as they like and collect them in an elegant bookcase embedded into their websites to allow readers an upscale reading experience.

FlipHTML5 has image editing tools and features that help to design, customize and publish e-brochures instantly without any hassles. A lot of customizations are available for presentations, layouts, output formats and more to suit users’ marketing requirements. FlipHTML5 has also made it possible for users to set access controls and restrictions to prevent any unauthorized access to their digital brochures. This makes the e-brochures secure. The brochure maker allows for responsive designing where all brochures can be optimized to be visible on any screen.

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