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FlipHTML5 enables downloadable E-Newspapers using Online Newspaper Maker

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The online newspaper maker enables readers to download the newspapers they need for later reading.

Online newspapers attract broad audiences each day as they offer more convenience of reading and accessibility. They provide real-time information which is updated instantly. The online newspaper maker from FlipHTML5 enables publishers to add rich content, videos, images, hyperlinks and more to make them more interactive and engaging. Users can create online newspapers that are fit for purpose by diversifying their newspapers to incorporate a variety of local and international news, and other newspapers including humor, fun, sports, entertainment, crosswords, and much more. Readers have a variety of newspapers to choose from and can download the newspapers they want to read later.

“Our online newspaper maker gives users tools to create newspapers that can appeal to both local and international readers,” said Jackie Peng, Customer Service of FlipHTML5. “To ensure continuity, publishers will have more people automatically subscribing to their newspapers. This will help with advertising as well as customer engagement that will allow for better understanding of their target audiences to ensure revised content that will drive more positive results.”

FlipHTML5 helps users produce newspapers with flipping effect to make it easy for readers to navigate through. In this way, readers can find the sections of interest and read or download them for later reading. The digital newspapers are optimized for mobile and PC access with web and mobile-friendly interfaces. Publishers use the software to provide a comprehensive way for readers to access news stories. They can easily create a native Android app on FlipHTML5 where readers can access their newspapers on smartphones or share them on their homepages or enable publishing to local without the need for internet connection.

“At FlipHTML5, we let users be the first to break stories to their readers by automatically updating their newspapers immediately,” continued Jackie Peng. "By taking time to improve their content, users can fix common errors, stay current with popular culture, package charts, graphs, videos and more to their newspapers and more. This will increase readership, help publishers gain more followers and also generate more revenue."

FlipHTML5 allows publishers to engage their readers in community discussions, share views and more. They can also collect their newspapers in captivating bookcases embedded into their websites to let users access multiple digital newspapers including archived copies. This helps readers who are doing research work access special collections of newspapers, especially those historical. And with the multi-language tool from FlipHTML5, various audiences can access the collections without a hassle.

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