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FlipHTML5 releases an Online Brochure Maker with Interactive Features for Designers

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The recently released online brochure maker comes with interactive features that help designers create e-brochures that are highly optimizable for various digital networks.

FlipHTML5 just unveiled a new online brochure maker for designers aimed at assisting designers to set the right tone to reach out to their customers. The revolutionary online brochure maker for designers is the best tool for creating e-brochures that will highlight key features and convey the goodness of products to consumers. The software comes with interactive features that help to design digital brochures that are highly optimizable for various digital networks. Designers can now present real-time product information to their target audiences and maximize conversions.

“Here at Animiz, we are enthusiastic about helping designers find a lasting solution to their marketing needs,” said Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5. “Using our software, they can freely showcase their products or services and achieve better outcomes. They can also integrate engaging content and call to action buttons in their creations to help the audiences make informed decisions to purchase.”

Looking to expand the boundaries of online shopping, FlipHTML5 has sought to capitalize on the growing digital demand for information when people are shopping online. Designers, on the other hand, have a dream to fulfil this demand through online digital brochures that will provide upscale shopping experiences to their target audiences. FlipHTML5 is a pioneer in the publishing software industry as the first company to offer highly responsive digital publishing software. It is because of its success that they unveil their exciting online brochure maker to empower designers with more advanced, interactive brochure making features.

“We saw the need for reliable software for creating engaging e-brochures that can tap into the expansive digital market,” continued Mr. Zhang. “That is why we enhanced the features to help designers create customized and result-oriented digital brochures that can be accessed seamlessly on any device. With the rich features, we know that designers can make e-brochures that will draw the attention of the audiences. ”

FlipHTML5 is an industry disruptor and motivates designers to communicate their brands and products to audiences worldwide. Their software can easily be customized and configured and is developed to achieve optimal performance for designers. The online brochure maker is just one of the many innovations FlipHTML5 offers to its clients and helps them rule the digital marketing universe.

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