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Most important components of rental sharing marketplace(airbnb clone)

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In this article, we are going to see the most important components which should present in rental sharing marketplaces.

Rental Sharing is the most inspiring business model  for many entrepreneurs and they are very determined to start a business like Uber, Airbnb and Lyft . However, the entrepreneurs are not aware of choosing the appropriate features for their rental sharing platform. In this competitive market, engaging user experience with suitable features are the most important things to sustain.

To help the entrepreneurs out there,  I have pointed out the necessary features that should be inbuilt in the rental sharing platform.

Must-have features for rental sharing platform 

Adding a suitable set of features not only increase your customer engagement but at the same time, it helps you stay ahead and stand out from the crowd. The biggest challenges are to use rental sharing platform with interactive features  that engage the customer completely. So what are the features must be inbuilt to boost revenue?

Hence I have explained to you in  detail about some prior features,

  • Advanced search and filters
  • Calendar availability 
  • Secured payment gateway
  • Google map integration
  • Smart notification
  • Analytics
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Security for Ceaseless payments
  • Online assistance

Let’s see in detail about how it is useful in rental sharing platforms, 

Advanced Search and filters

The advanced search filter is necessary if the marketplace has an abundance of services to offer. Users cannot skim through all of the listings in a short span of time. They should be able to search for the desired item according to their wishes. This feature can help the users to search according to location, date, etc.

Calendar availability 

In rental platforms, manage the listings is a tedious process. It enables the provider to make their service available or unavailable for certain days so that the renter can select and book according to their convenience. It makes more helpful for both the provider and renter.

Secured Payment gateway

The online pay eases the entire payment transaction. The users may be in any part of the world and prefer an effortless payment system including credit card, PayPal, net banking or digital wallets. The feasible payment option provides a hassle-free environment to the users. It makes the user experience more convenient and secure payments.

Google map integration

Navigation is the most important feature consideration when having an online marketplace. It tells the user about the exact location of the service provider and the route to be taken by them. It makes more convenient for the user.

Smart notification 

The notification feature is essential to make the rental business successful and profitable. This is one of the undeniable features incorporated in the online marketplace. Informing users about replies, messages, and other activity is quite important. It also keeps the user engaged, promote personal interaction and smooth processing. They can easily be notified about special offers, discounts and it makes the marketplace more convenient and functional.


Having an online business is not only delivering superior user experience but also generating consistent revenue and keeping customer clung to their business. It assists to satisfy the motive by offering clear insight into session time and behaviour. This feature helps to make a better decision, updates and leads to high revenue rates.

Ratings and reviews 

It is impossible to forego without this feature because nowadays most of the decision taken by the users are data-driven. This feature helps the user to express their feedback based on the service provided by the provider. It helps build trust among the service provider and the renter.

Security for Ceaseless payments 

Security has become the top concerns for any online marketplace. With personal data being at risk of loss, customers and vendors will not feel confident about joining your marketplace.

For modern marketplaces that process payments details of the customer must comply with encryption practices such as SSL certificates. It maintains a secure connection and strict data protection which build trust in your marketplace.

Online assistance

Chat support is the most significant feature that should be added to your rental marketplace. The user tends to rush to customer support at the moment of need. They mainly prefer knowing about pricing and booking. Focusing on both buyer and vendor is necessary to shape a transparent and personal way for them to interact.

Adding the live chat helps to build the ongoing relationship and pave the way for loyalty, trust and regular customers. This is why it becomes essential to add the feature of live chat or 24/7 hotline for your own marketplace.


I hope that you got some clear idea about important features which should be in the online rental sharing platform.  Also, While building such kind of rental platforms, you should always keep the customer in focus as they are the ultimate drivers of the growth. Study the user behavior, identify their needs, and provide a better user experience.

If you have any questions regarding the development of the online marketplace, feel free to drop a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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