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Recover Missing Files with MiniTool Power Data Recovery v8.6

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Modern computer devices cover an extremely wide range of usage and are currently represented by desktop computers and laptops. Every device is a complicated electronic gadget created to perform certain functions and used in various situations. Many can cause losing files and there are ways of recovering them with the system built-in tools or third-party data recovery software. Read this article to learn how to recover missing files on Windows 10 with MiniTool latest data recovery software.

Windows 10 has been very popular amongst PC users since its was launched.  While many users have ever experienced suddenly losing important files in Windows 10 and not knowing the exact reasons. You may have started the computer and opened a hard drive or a folder in order to access certain files, only to find they have disappeared. The following user is also troubled by such situations.

Any user data requires careful and responsible management and handling. An operating system failure or data loss can be caused by various reasons, including external factors or malware effects, or wrong user actions. However, modern tools enable users to get them back.

I have a piece of file recovery software that I want to share with you all - MiniTool Power Data Recovery v8.6, which MiniTool released only recently.

  • This software is totally clean (it includes no bundled spyware or virus).
  • Besides, it is very user-friendly (it doesn't require any data recovery knowledge or experience).
  • More importantly, it is very powerful (it can not only help you recover your deleted files in Windows 10/8/7, but also find back files disappeared due to partition loss/damage or system crash).

To Recover Missing Files on Windows 10

Use MiniTool Power Data Recovery to Recover Your Deleted Files

The most common situation of missing files on Windows 10 is: files get deleted by users unintentionally or by some programs.

Things to do before the recovery:

First step: open your Recycle Bin to check whether the missing files are placed there. If they're kept in this place, they're not really deleted and no file recovery tool is needed on this occasion.

Read the following paragraphs to know how to recover missing files in Windows 10. 

Things to do during the recovery:

As an example, I will recover deleted files in Windows 10 in the following steps.

First step: run MiniTool Power Data Recovery and you will see the main software interface. On the left panel, you can see four recovery options: This PCRemovable Disk DriveHard Disk Drive, and CD/DVD Drive.

  • To recover deleted files from a local drive on your Windows 10, you can select This PC.
  • To recover files from a lost partition, you need to choose Hard Disk Drive Recovery.

Here, I will take This PC as an example.

On this interface, choose the partition which contains the deleted files before, and then click on the Scanbutton.

Second step: the software will begin to scan the partition you selected, and you will see the scan result when the scanning process is in progress. You can browse the results for the needed files.

Third step: you can also wait until the full scan finishes in order to get the best recovery result. Please choose the files you want to recover and click on the Save button to trigger the interface where it tells you to Select a directory to save files. Here you can choose a location to save these selected files.

When the destination is selected, please click on the OK button. After that, your wanted files will be put back to the specified path.


  • If there are so many scanned files that make it difficult to find the files you want to recover, you can use the FindFilter, and Preview features of this software.
  • The trial edition shown in the pictures above only allows you to scan drive and preview files; if you really need to recover the found data, you should upgrade to a full version.

Maybe you are a new Windows 10 user upgrading from the previous Windows versions (such as Windows 7 and Windows 8), or a user who has used Win10 for a period of time; either way, you may run into missing files problem. 

Sometimes, files and folders are disappearing from Windows 10, which is not caused by mistaken deletion, formatting or other obvious wrong operations. Generally, there are 7 common reasons that lead to files missing on Windows 10.

  1. User Account Is Changed
  2. Drive Index Is Corrupted
  3. Files and Folders Are Hidden
  4. Files Have Been Moved to another Place
  5. Hard Drive Letters Get Changed
  6. Fast Startup Causes File Missing
  7. Indexing Options Needs to Be Changed

To learn how to find missing files in Windows 10 when they disappeared from the computer. Check out the tips

Do remember to take these measures as soon as you discover the problem.

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