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FlipHTML5 Flipbook Creator Offers a Free Version with Plenty of Features

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Users are treated to plenty of tools and features from the free flipbook creator. They can use them to create different digital flipbooks and share them freely with readers online.

FlipHTML5 is a custom digital software developer that offers a free version of flipbook creator for all its users. Users can create captivating flipbooks including magazines, brochures, catalogs, photo albums and more. Furthermore, no professional skills are needed in order to use the software. FlipHTML5 has plenty of free preset templates, themes and other interactive elements that can be used in creating projects.

FlipHTML5 understands how important a strong online presence is to the success of any business venture. The company’s goal is to ensure that its clients have proper techniques that will help them fulfill their objectives. The free version of flipbook maker is the ideal tool that can enable them achieve better results in the digital realm. With this software, users can customize their flipbooks to fit the requirements of target audiences and markets.

The free flipbook creator gives users full control over their flipbooks. They can modify, adjust, edit, or add elements such as output settings, page-flipping styles and more to flipbooks before they are published. The software also comes with search functionalities that can be embedded into flipbooks to enable readers to search for content or products they need from the flipbooks.

“We are happy to be able to help our clients realize their dreams through our flipbook software,” said Anna Lee, Designer of FlipHTML5. “Our team of experts strives to empower our clients with tools and knowledge to better understand and design winning flipbooks. Our free software offers the best designing and publishing experience possible. We intend to continue working with them, so they unleash their full potential. We want them to access free resources to build their portfolio online and improve their outcomes.”

There is a lot to learn and do on the FlipHTML5 platform. The free features and functionalities provided not only help to design interactive flipbooks but also give readers instant overviews of the flipbooks through thumbnails. They can also bookmark pages for later referencing or print part or whole editions to read later at their convenience. The zoom function gives them the convenience to navigate through flipbooks.

Apart from providing the free version of flipbook creator, FlipHTML5 also allows users to publish their projects on their cloud-based platform at no cost. This makes it easy for them to share their flipbooks flexibly with many people on any device and social networks. The flipbooks can also be created in outputs that are downloadable for offline reading. The FlipHTML5 flipbook creator has a lot to offer to clients who want to take digital publishing to the next level.

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