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PubHTML5 Provides a Way to Convert PDF to Flipbook for Free

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With PubHTML5, everyone can upload a PDF and create a flipbook online for free.

PubHTML5 is an interactive platform through which users can create digital content that can be read like a real book. Some of the benefits that come with publishing content in this format include intuitive navigation, convenience, easier virtualization, and accessibility across a range of platforms. PubHTML5 also allows users to give beautiful designs to their content and insert objects such as characters, background sounds, and animations.

Users of the PubHTML5 software are not required to have any special skill in programming, as the PDF to flipbook conversion process only involves three easy steps: importing the PDF document, selecting a theme preset from a variety of templates, and publishing the document in the digital format of their liking.

Anna Lee, Chief Designer of PubHTML5 believes the software’s ease of use and versatility is what sets it apart from rival services. “PubHTML5 is built to help users in pursuit of effectiveness, quality, and comprehensiveness create unique customer-oriented flipbooks from simple PDF documents,” she said. “With numerous sophisticated designing tools, the software facilitates presentation of products and services in a comprehensive yet comprehensible way to customers of the digital era.”

Main features that come with the PubHTML5 PDF to flipbook converter include importing PDFs using various options and customizing output appearance using a control bar function. Users also get to customize the toolbar, change background colors and add features and graphics; import their brand’s logo into the digital file; search for specific elements within the document; bookmark content within the digital edition; make it possible for readers to print parts of the document; and make the digital edition shareable through email and social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.

PubHTML5 also supports offline viewing of digital editions, allowing viewers to access flipbooks on their PCs whenever they wish. For mobile readers, the service doesn’t require installation of any special app to view flipbooks. The company’s mobile HTML5 reader allows viewing of documents in their various forms on virtually all mobile browsers.

For more information, please visit PubHTML5’s website.

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