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Users Can Upload PDF Files about COVID-19 to PubHTML5

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Users can upload PDF files or images about Coronavirus to PubHTML5 and convert them into online flipbooks, enabling readers to know more about COVID-19 on PubHTML5.

PubHTML5 is always at the forefront of technology to help its clients improve communication and engagement with their audiences. Today, PubHTML5 is providing the means through which users can help people know more about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease. They can upload PDF files or images about Coronavirus and convert them into online flipbooks to help readers understand it better on PubHTML5. Coronavirus has affected many regions of the world, and it is imperative that the public gets educated on ways to prevent infection, identify symptoms, and what to do in case they are exposed. PubHTML5 provides the tools needed to create stunning flipbooks and share them with massive readers online.

At PubHTML5, uploading PDF files and converting them into flipbooks takes only a few minutes. The platform enables users to design publications that are interactive and interesting to read. They can add images, videos, graphics, animations, audio, and links to reliable sources that can help to back up the information they are offering to the people. By adding interactive media to back up the text, users will be able to highlight and illustrate important points and demonstrate all the relevant aspects of Coronavirus.

“The recent outbreak of Coronavirus has caused concern in many countries worldwide,” said Jason Chen, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of PubHTML5. “The disease is spreading at an alarming rate, which calls for vigilant advocacy and awareness from all angles to help people avoid getting infected. We are happy to join the bandwagon and help our clients spread the word and save many people. We believe our platform can help make a difference by reaching out to masses online and offline.”

Right now, people need as much information about Coronavirus as possible. They have to be sensitized about the disease and be given ample information on the hygienic practices they should observe to avoid getting infected. PubHTML5 allows users to create multiple publications, and they can prepare information on different topics concerning Coronavirus and store them on digital bookshelves for people to access them whenever they want. Sharing has been made easier through the PubHTML5 cloud platform. This makes it easier for them to manage them and ensure audiences get updated information at all times.

Governments, scientists, and public health officials are doing all they can to provide the necessary details about Coronavirus. PubHTML5 can help them update the people and answer their questions to help them cope with the pandemic and the drastic changes it has come with. With this information, readers can minimize their risks and continue to stay disease-free. PubHTML5 allows them to create SEO-friendly publications that are searchable on major search engines. Readers can subscribe to the flipbooks and keep receiving updates as they come in.

For more information, please visit PubHTML5’s website.

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