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FlipBuilder Provides Remote Teaching Tips for Student Engagement

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FlipBuilder provides remote teaching tips to engage students during lessons.

Teachers around the world are embracing remote teaching methods to help learners acquire education at any time from wherever they are. Most of them use innovative technology like FlipBuilder to ensure they connect with students and engage them during lessons. FlipBuilder today offered remote teaching tips that’ll help to engage learners and help them understand lessons much better. Teachers can tap into the basics of teaching, including empathy, communication, and motivation to engage learners in flip classrooms.

Teaching and engaging students remotely require different tools, lesson plans, and tactics to help learners transition from a physical classroom environment. FlipBuilder has an intuitive interface, teaching templates, and multimedia tools that enable teachers to create an engaging and collaborative atmosphere when offering lessons and study materials to students remotely. They can incorporate videos, music, graphics, charts, animations, and links to stimulate the learners’ brains into recalling the lessons they’ve already studied.

“The most effective way for teachers to engage their students remotely is to be accessible to them through our platform,” explained Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipBuilder. “They can create a common platform where students can reach out whenever they have a question or problem and receive prompt feedback. Students will enjoy their lessons when they feel they are well supported whenever the need arises. They’ll understand concepts better if they are given attention by their remote tutors.”

To check the learners’ knowledge retention, teachers should start remote teaching with a brief recap of what they taught before. They can create an engaging publication at FlipBuilder, with open-ended questions with which they'll use to encourage learners to review their notes and answer the questions. By preparing questions related to the previous lessons, teachers will be able to keep track of students' responses through a collaborative platform such as social media. From there, they can discuss and exchange answers and check if there are those learners who need more personalized help.

Learners can be well engaged when kept busy. This can be achieved when teachers set assignments and independent work to reinforce and support their teaching materials. They should be clear on instructions and deadlines to help students manage their time well. Students should also be encouraged to explore topics with guidance from teachers on where to find additional study materials. At FlipBuilder, it is easy to share information between teachers and students through email, social media, websites, and FlipBuilder’s cloud service.

For more remote teaching tips, please visit FlipBuilder’s website.

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