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New FlipHTML5 Really Answers “How to Make a Flipbook Easily”

A powerful and visually engaging communication tool is now easily accessible to online publishers throughout the world – for free

FlipHTML5 is making available a new and free tool that helps online publishers to deliver an impressive visual impact when conveying their messages, through a software which has now been upgraded to a new version for Windows users. The question “how to make a flipbook” now has the best answer.

Up until now, online publishers who needed to present their messages and information through PDF documents had to use static PDF versions of the documents, which definitely do not engage readers or potential customers. The only alternative for them would be to hire expensive services in order to have their PDFs turned into smart, easy and appealing to use online flipbook animations.

“With FlipHTML5, namely with this latest version that we have just released, people and companies can now access this precious communication tool for free”, said Anna Lee, Designer of FlipHTML5.

FlipHTML5 allows for the creation of these feature-rich visually captivating animations for free (or for a very small fee – to access its more advanced features), making this sort of display very easily accessible to entrepreneurs, writers and other publishers from all over the world.

Through a very user-friendly software that anyone can easily use, FlipHTML5 uses PDF-to-HTML5 conversion technology to turn PDF documents (and also MS Office, Open Office and images) into interactive HTML5 flipbooks. There is no need to install any app – HTML5 flipbooks work smoothly in all devices and platforms.


“As the world moves increasingly to the online dimension, and as online communication is faced with increasing challenges to captivate the attention of people, often with expensive technical solutions leaving smaller publishers out of their reach, we at FlipHTML5 want to democratize the access to this very efficient communication tool”, Lee stated.

FlipHTML5 Software Co., the creator of this service, is a leading provider of digital publishing software, seeking to develop and offer digital publishing solutions which are as a smart and simple as they are accessible, delivering also customized solutions to industries as diversified as Game, Firm, Fashion and Finance, among others.

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