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Mobissue – a flipbook software to optimize users’ experience

Mobissue, a flipbook software, brings great benefits to users, which ensure that they can create a flip book for any purpose without additional knowledge and extra help.

In the world of technology, an online flipbook can be a great medium where people can promote their business on the internet. Thus, a flipbook software will be needed.

Reportedly, there is a flipbook software(…lipbook-software/called Mobissue on hot sale on the global market.

Mobissue is the most reliable, affordable, tested and trusted flipbook software that delivers the best reading experience to readers on all of the most popular tablet and mobile(iOS and Android devices). Mobissue makes it easy to publish magazine, catalog, brochure, web APP & flip book and bring content to life on any device with no coding.

Mobissue flipbook software offers great benefits to the user which include:

  • No code or custom development needed, users are quick to create an interactive flipbook from PDF or images with pre-designed templates and themes.
  • Mobissue combines sophisticated text treatments with video, audio, animation, and other highly interactive elements to create amazing mobile experiences that help users bring their brand, content, and offers to life.
  • Mobissue uses HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery technology, which makes content portable to other systems. Also, it will benefit  to millions of developers globally who continually improve and extend the standard.
  • Mobissue Cloud makes it possible for users to create a bookcase that can automatically collect all their publication and can be easily shared on mobile or embedded into their own website.
  • Mobissue allows users to instantly manage all their contacts from a single interface. Especially for publishers, it is not difficult to learn the message about the people who subscribe to their mobile publications or add new subscribers any more.

Mobissue makes it easy to publish beautiful and engaging flipbooks.

The reading experience is optimized for mobile, tablet, desktop and generates delighted reader feedback.

Click for more details about Mobissue(…fits-your-website).

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