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FlipHTML5 - Mac digital publishing platform to make excellent publications

FlipHTML5 provides users with a Mac digital publishing platform where they can make excellent digital publications from PDF files.

FlipHTML5 has come out with a Mac digital publishing platform( is capable of running on desktop platforms like MAC and PC. This platform is designed for publishers to create content that can generate clicks, leads and shares for their respective business ventures.

In other words, the application serves as valuable instrument for growing any business quickly.

As a dependable Mac digital publishing platform, there are multiple features that usersespecially online entrepreneurs can utilize for their projects and look forward to successful results. Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5, describes the platform as secure, 100% free from malware, and all customers are assured of efficient support service.

We only want the best for our clients.

That is why we concentrate on the features and reliability of our products,” he said.

Among the primary features of Mac digital publishing platform are the design can be customized easily and cost of production is relatively cheap. The art of designing books is quite convoluted and FlipHTML5 precisely will help them achieve their objectives.

The platform is capable of converting reading materials into the best online publications that meticulous readers are looking for.

Incidentally, FlipHTML5 has a unique page editor which is one of the most remarkable functions of this platform. The Editor allows users to add or modify a variety of functional multi-media components in the flipping book as well as delete or add new pages.

These multi-media elements consist of music and video players, image slideshows, and shapes. However, this feature is designed only for the enterprise and platinum versions.

Holders of Gold, Pro and Free editions of FlipHTML5 need to upgrade to the two accounts if they wish to use Page Editor.

This Mac digital publishing platform has earned positive reviews from companies such as PC World, C-Net and Facebook. According to PC World, FlipHTML5 is destined to become one of the most widely-used platforms within the next few years.

It is a powerful publishing technology with plenty of capabilities.

One individual customer noted the platform as ideal for business presentations since she does not have to worry regarding compatibility issues anymore. Another user said FlipHTML5 is the best platform for creating interactive magazines without difficulty. 

FlipHTML5 has an email marketing capability that helps marketers or business proprietors hype their brands, publications, services, and merchandise. It is possible to add contacts along with email addresses to their list so flipbooks can be sent using the platform’s pre-designed template.

Those who are interested in this Mac digital publishing platform can browse through the company’s website at for more information. 

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