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Mobissue, a beneficial flipbook software for mobile readers

With Mobissue flipbook software, clients will be very easy to make a flipbook and make it accessible for their mobile readers.

With the majority of shoppers now using their phone or tablet to buy items, there is a huge demand to make mobile apps the best it can be. This is one of the driving forces behind Mobissue when they decided to enhance their flipbook software( for customers in order to allow increased engagement for mobile readers.

Mobissue allows businesses to bring their images to life in the form of flipbook ideally for magazines, catalogues and brochures, which means that their ideas can be easily published using their highly innovative flipbook software.  Stepping up the features for its clients has been a huge turnaround for Mobissue and by launching this enhanced flipbook software will allow mobile readers to engage further into the content they are reading, thus giving its customers a higher conversion rate.

The flipbook software has been intelligently designed so that all the coding work has already been done and allows businesses easy drag and drop software when publishing their content to readers.

Businesses can now benefit from a whole host of features including having a personal portfolio homepage meaning they can now put in their own logo and custom banner when designing their publications.

The new enhanced flipbook software also features a "Newsstand", which enables its customers to create a collection of publications which can then be shared through their social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Readers can also experience notifications and ads through this flipbook software, which can further benefit businesses.

Businesses can also manage their subscribers through this flipbook software. What's further impressive is that it supports almost any language and therefore can be used amongst millions of customers across the globe.

"This is great news for the company and means our publishing software is staying competitive whilst easy to use for our customers in such a competitive market." Winston Zhang, CEO of Mobissue said . "I am really excited about future ideas we have in the pipeline." he further added.

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