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Creating an HTML5 flipbook has never been easier with Mobissue

Mobissue contains all the tools needed for creating an HTML5 flipbook. With Mobissue, users can create an HTML5 flipbook with great ease.

Creating an HTML5 Flipbook( faster and easier than ever. Mobissue was designed to enable the creation of HTML5 flipbooks and enable them to be compatible with mobile devices.

Mobissue provides users with a way to make an HTML5 Flipbook with no prior coding skills. Users can choose from a variety of premade templates, designs and themes to create whatever story they have in mind.

With a vast selection to choose from, users are never left without a selection of choices. These professional, high quality designs allow any person, regardless of their design and coding abilities to put together an excellent flipbook with little effort.

Mobissue enables users to create interactive content to engage their mobile readers. Users can upload any PDF or images into the software  to digitally convert it into the HTML5 flipbook that has been formatted to be compatible on many mobile devices such as mobile iOS and Android.

Mobissue has spent time to ensure the process of creating an HTML5 flipbook is simple for users. Once users have either uploaded content or chosen a built-in HTML5 flipbook template, they are then able to add interactive content to further engage users such as YouTube videos, interactive links, animations, etc.

Once users have completed their HTML5 Flipbook, they can publish and share the digital content for their audience.

“Our goal is that any user – whether it be a digital publisher, student, or whoever – is able to create exciting, interactive content which allows them to engage with their readers on a digital platform. We want this to be an outlet that allows people to share their story with their audience.

We are working diligently every day to ensure that we are staying current with trends and always updating our technology to allow for new and exhilarating changes.” said Winston Zhang, CEO of Mobissue.

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