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Mobissue unveils its magazine maker that innovates the reading experience

Mobissue announced the launch of its magazine maker that can offer readers an interactive and engaging reading experience on the mobile phones they are using now.

Mobissue unveiled the new magazine maker( will completely transform the reading experience on smartphones.

Smartphones are now used throughout the world, Mobissue is retracting an individual's attention to a more versatile reading experience with exhaustive learning, fun and amusement. Everything the readers have loved from a best-selling addition can now be experienced in a more exhaustive and intuitive manner.

Users will be able to create:

  • - A personalized portfolio homepage
  • - An issue newsstand for mobile
  • - Easy creation of Notifications and Ads
  • - Instant subscription from a single interface
  • - SEO Friendly digital publications
  • - Easy on-spot sharing to social network
  • - Identification of day to day statistics

The magazine maker ensures the end users to experience an easy and effective digital content creation with the embedded multimedia files to give an unprecedented touch to the end viewers. With out of the box features, Mobissue's magazine maker is going to become the daily toast in the digital publication industry.

In addition to a versatile reading experience, the magazine maker also supports PDF conversion, Image conversion, Animation Editor, FTP uploader, multimedia elements, and wordpress plugin. 

Users who don’t have any knowledge of programing can create innovative design solutions in minutes. The magazine maker is available for Windows and Mac operating system.

For more information, please visit .

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