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PubHTML5 changes the game of HTML5 flipbook publishing

PubHTML5 changes HTML5 flipbook publishing and the way others access digital publications and media.

PubHTML5, the world leading HTML5 flipbook( platform, changes the game of HMTL5 flipbook publishing. PubHTML5 is software designed to enable users of all kinds to make their own HTML5 flipbooks that are viewable on any laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Now it is simpler than ever to create branded, digital HTML5 flipbooks, catalogs, magazines, or any other kind of online publication. Publishers can easily get started with no prior knowledge in coding or design.

It takes virtually no time and is very easy for anyone to use. Users can upload a PDF to PubHTML5 and get their HTML5 flipbook up and running within minutes.

PubHTML5 is a revolutionary platform used to create HTML5 flipbooks. These flipbooks are so popular because not only are they easy to create from a publisher’s perspective, but the audience gets an engaging, user friendly platform for viewing a company’s branded content.

Users can customize their HTML5 flipbook to enable more search engine visibility. The book title, description and keywords can all be added to a user’s website, sitemap and blogs to make their flip book more SEO friendly.

Additionally, users can also make their HTML5 flipbooks highly searchable by using the software available through PubHTML5 and enabling the SEO feature.

Anna Lee, Chief Designer of PubHTML5 said, “We are further enhancing this product daily to ensure that it is keeping up with the industry and technology of our world. PubHTML5 is changing the game of HTML5 flipbook publishing.

We have many different features that make this product stand out from the competition. We make sure that our users have a wide range of data and statistics readily available, which helps them further understand their audience and how they can better suit their needs.

Our audience engagement tools offer an enormous amount of information which can be used to help strengthen a publisher’s brand or message.”

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