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FlipHTML5 launches the latest version of magazine creator in 2017

FlipHTML5 is a magazine creator that allows end users to create magazines from PDF documents in a matter of minutes with full support for Windows and Mac.

FlipHTML5, a leading global provider of digital publishing software, launched today the latest release of its magazine creator(, FlipHTML5 v6.3.5. The magazine creator supports Windows and Mac operating systems enabling end users to create magazines from PDF documents on their PC or Mac device.

Also, the magazines made by FlipHTML5 are compatible with all devices, which means that viewers can access the magazines by any device such as PC, iPhones, iPad, Samsung Note, Blackberry Phones, Tablets and Android mobile devices. 

“FlipHTML5 is the perfect magazine creator for organizations and individuals, with the launch of this magazine creator, they get rid of all worries about how to quickly convert a PDF file to a magazine.FlipHTML5 doubles up the efficiency of creating a magazine from a PDF document due to its user-friendly interface and well-designed templates and themes.” said Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5.

Here is a look at some upgrades on FlipHTML5 v6.3.5:

1. Optimize Command Line function.

2. When users search the flipbook content, the highlight color can show above keywords only.

3. Now add auto play and play interval attribution for slideshow.

4. Fix the bug of "the images of information in Animation Editor stretched".

5. Optimize the Float template.

6. Optimize the Open Window of Page Editor.

7. Add scroll bars for Text of Page Editor.

8. Fix the bug of "the Embed Web window of Page Editor cannot move on Safari".

9. Fix the bug of "the hotspot (Page Editor)turn into black in Safari".

To offer the best user experience, FlipHTML5 keeps optimizing the current functions and adding new features for its end users. Also, it provides them with free 24 hour lifetime customer support.

For more information or to download, click here(

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