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Did you know the architecture behind the multipurpose apps: Microservices

Have you ever wondered that how is your little phone is able to perform multiple services at the same time? How come the services don’t make a mesh among themselves and display the undesired result.

Well, the applications have to do a quick in receive and send off the data and display the results after decision making logic implemented by mobile app developers. All this is managed by the microservices architecture which makes sure for the different services to manage to communicate in a certain way to complete a particular task.

The architecture style of the application in which different services are loosely coupled in order to communicate in a certain way and understand each other’s protocols for the proper functioning of the application. Now it may be possible that different services are written in different languages. Therefore, the need for microservices architecture arises for proper coordination.

This approach is a building block of an application turned business model. Let’s see the benefits of this architecture

 Quick adaptation to changes in the market: The change in market trends totally depend upon the supply and demand of the physical product. Now the application should have the ability or can be monitored for changes in the market trends. The microservices architecture helps the application figure out the possible solution for change in the market.

 User Acceptance Testing is quicker: The acceptance testing is the last stage of software development where the application is given to the users to test the acceptance by the user. The microservices architecture aims at providing access to each layer of the architecture.

 Scaling using microservices: The scaling is required because the different components of the architecture might be accessing different hardware components as well as different server request because not all components run on single programming language but the need of the hour of an android application developers is to deploy the application and so the approach of Z-axis is adopted where the identical copies of the code are sent to multiple servers for quick results.

 Alignment of business: The business alignment refers to the online access to information technology while the application is in use, the sharing of the same page by the IT solution and business requirement to meet the objective. Microservices make it possible as only one micro service is associated with one functionality; therefore the results will be well optimized.

 Lowered learning curve: The interaction of the user with application for the first time to understand what the application is all about is called a learning curve. The pop up instructions for the user are learning curves. The best way to create better user experience step by step instead of a long paragraph of instructions or multiple fields on a single page. The microservice helps lower the learning curves and allows the user to walk through the application and understand each function in a better and considerate way.

To conclude:

Microservices are growing need of businesses, the applications built using the same approach serve better and helps use multiple components simultaneously. The example of banking services is the best way to demonstrate microservices. The associated services are e-mail notification, balance check, calculate e-interest all these services are the micro-services of a banking app development and need to be put together in an architecture because they are independent as well as dependent for some functions.


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