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PubHTML5, a brochure maker that everyone will want to steal for 2018

PubHTML5 is a brochure maker with the ability to convert a PDF file into a brochure in an easy and quick manner.

Anna Lee, chief designer at PubHTML5, announced that with the features available in its highly popular brochure maker, everyone will want a copy.

Utilized by nearly 2 million publishers around the world, PubHTML5 is a free and easy to use software solution that enables even novices to create dynamic and interactive publications, allowing them to publish their content online and offline. From business brochures and magazines to flip books, digital publications can be viewed on multiple devices across a variety of operating systems.

Being creative is easy with PubHTML5. Individuals simply upload their PDF, OpenOffice or MS Office document to begin a new project.More than 150 customization options are available that encompass music, videos, bookmarks, backgrounds, colors, fonts and styles.PubHTML5 works with the click of a button and users don’t need to know any coding at all.

Individuals are free to customize their brochures and publications in any way they choose with animations, photos and other interactive content. Links can be added and publishers can choose to embed their own Vimeo or YouTube videos.

It’s equally effective for individuals, businesses, educational facilities and non-profit organizations.

With PubHTML5, ordinary PDFs become exciting brochures that behave exactly like a physical publication. Finished projects can be downloaded to the user’s computer, web server, or to the secure PubHTML5 Cloud.

Publications can be shared on a wide variety of social media sites to increase visibility, establish branding and content is SEO-friendly.

The software is especially beneficial for offline use. The publishing solution allows individuals to create digital versions for distribution via a USB drive, DVD or CD, or zip file that can be utilized for email communications, at trade shows and special events.

Publishers can easily monitor each publication and the software provides in-depth analytics. Individuals can even link their publication to an online store to boost sales.

The myriad of professional publishing tools available with PubHTML5 provides a one-stop solution that’s easy enough for novices to use, while providing the powerful tools required by professional publications and businesses. The brochure maker is changing the way individuals, entrepreneurs and professional publishers create and distribute content to clients, customers and readers around the world.

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