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  • After achieving several milestones in the year 2018, Fluper Ltd. is honoured to announce that this year, we are featured on top in AppFutura’s list of the Top Mobile App Developers in the United States! It has become possible due to our solid market presence, experience, distinguished reputation among our clients, and dedication to serving our customers’ every need. It’s really a great start for the company’s profile, and the organization is looking forward to doing incredible work for their clients.

  • Google is predicted to launch its subsequent-generation mobile OS- Android 10 – next to its imminent Pixel mobile phones- the Google Pixel 4 series in October this year. However, now the latest report recommends that Android 10 may be rolled out on older Pixel Smartphones earlier than predicted.

  • Cryptocurrencies and the involved technologies are undergoing a considerable evolution and are changing the phase to let it become smart and feasible. To go with these promising technologies not only facilitate one's present but also the future. Blockchains are digital databases used to store plenty of information. Unlike conventional excel sheets, these Blockchains have come up with unique features like decentralized format provided with public access, and also are guided by consensus which makes it feasible as far as data security issues are concerned. Here is the guide you must be looking for to enter into the world of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

  • With technology alarming around the different areas of the world, the mobile device is weaving a link to connect technology and the people. Mobile payment apps have been gaining huge popularity, setting expectations for a dazzling future across the globe. However, the popularity of mobile apps is expected to increase sharply over the next few years. The digital world is on your hands thanks to the advancement of smartphones technology.

  • Sometimes it seems like that the mobile world is conventionally divided into two main groups (which, evidently, can be mixed): Mobile app engagement and mobile app retention are the two main metrics that provide an authentic insight into the accomplishment of an application. Low app engagement and retention rate follows a formula for failure, while high user engagement and retention helps you to achieve success. So the question here arises how do you increase business mobile app engagement? But before proceeding ahead it is important to understand what it is and why we need to increase it for our business app success.

  • Without any doubt, Apple and Android are two big players in the marketplace of the smartphone with their operating systems, app stores, and devices; each of the platforms hosts over 2 million mobile applications. At present App store is offering mobile app developers with an opportunity to capitalize on the marketplace with their work and on the other hand, Google Play is offering a great number of apps. In this write-up, we are making a brief comparison between Apple’s App Store and Google play store.

  • With the advancement in technology, Google is increasing the influence of app reviews when calculating the average Play store rating of an app. This announcement came into notice at the company’s yearly I/O developer meeting. These refreshed review ratings will be rolling out to the public at the beginning of this August month. These changes are similar to the iOS 11 update 2 years ago. Now with this app rating formula the review regency matters in both app stores, more than ever before. And this means that for a successful business identifying and activate your customers is more significant than it’s ever been.

  • “Flutter is Google's portable UI toolkit that helps mobile app developers and designers build modern apps for Android and iOS” From the day when version 1.0 of the Flutter framework has been released in the marketplace, it has been one of the hottest topics in the mobile application development industry. For now, this framework is relatively fresh, yet a trend for developing an outstanding mobile application. This is why today here I am going to discuss the future of Flutter mobile app development but before jumping to that part, let’s know more about this framework.

  • How to optimize your Google play store page?

    If you are going to launch your Android app on Google Play Store then you must be worried about choosing the right set of app keywords. Well yes, App store optimization plays a crucial role in marketing your app in the mobile marketplace. There must be several questions that are running in your mind and maybe, you need some help. With this play store optimization guide, you will surely get answers to all your questions shortly.

  • 5 mobile marketing outlook tips to outgrow your competitors

    One of the easiest things nowadays for businesses is to develop a business app and the toughest part is to use the right strategy that helps you to outgrow your competitors. The mobile phone industry is growing at a high pace and approximately 75 percent of people are having mobile phones and out of which 60 percent are using mobile apps in their mobile phones.

  • Industries in which Blockchain Technology is going to interrupt

    Blockchain technology has seen great innovation in the past few years. Originally designed for providing more security for cryptocurrency or Bitcoin, the technology can be seen almost everywhere. From supply chain, manufacturing, travel, finance, the technology is used to make all sorts of applications for various platforms.

  • How to choose a reliable IoT app development company?

    Now you can embrace the digital era with the wave of IoT development. We are stepping into the digital future by making every device around us smarter via using the Internet of Things technology. Due to this rapid pace in the technology, thousands of business enterprises are developing IoT apps, and thus considering a modular IoT app development platform to handle their data flow.

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    A unique Game app idea can transform the world. Apps like Candy crush saga, PUBG are immensely popular these days, not due to the reason that those were started by a famous business personality but gaming idea of these games is an inventive approach that has taken the technological world by storm.

  • Believe it or not, cryptocurrencies have now grown to a point where they cannot be overlooked. In the next 10 minutes, we are going to focus on the elementary picture of Cryptocurrency world and conclude what the fresh rising opportunities are in the year 2019 and beyond and if cryptocurrency is a trend with a bright future or will just pass by the wind like others.

  • 5 ways entertainment Mobile App development is changing the world

    Haven't Mobile Apps changed us? Indeed. We should thank the technology experts for their years of uphill struggle and effort and also the software techies for developing wonderful applications that we cannot deny. Almost mobile is the peak need of the hour and every person these days owns a mobile. We are living in a technology era where even kids are much more aware of the latest trends than us. You don’t need to teach them the functions of mobile, in its place they can teach you a lot of things that you are not aware about. 

  • What is the role of Augmented Reality in mobile application development?

    Needless to say…. But yes augmented reality has certainly become one of the trending topics to discuss for a long time. With all these discussions the craze for augmented reality is the main concern of more and more companies that have started taking part in this meadow. There are a lot of games that become trendy but the kind of obsession which Pokémon Go trapped has induced in people mind is overwhelming.

  • The impact of Blockchain Mobile App development on food industry

    In the past few years, you must have heard about terms like Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain as many of you would know was the driving force behind the popularity of Bitcoin. The success of Bitcoin showed immense opportunities for other industries to grow using Blockchain technology.

  • Hybrid vs. Native—which one is better?

    Due to the increasing demand for different mobile apps, there is a wide range of availability of various technologies in the market. The Mobile App Development has evolved through multiple phases to meet the requirements of users on different platforms for which their smartphones are made. Apart from the motive, all the existing applications are slightly similar to each other but their speed, responsiveness, and usability have some differences. These applications are categorized into two classes: • Native apps • Hybrid Apps

  • User Interface design or UX design is the most important aspect of software design and application. This is because; they provide the ability for users to interact with the websites and mobile devices easily. In the early days of computing, the user interface was only understood by Mobile App Development professionals and this was the main reason computers were used by only a few. It is imperative to say that UX can be viewed from different perspectives i.e. as a field of study, as a practice, and as a phenomenon.

  • 5 trending ways to find an App Developer

    In the present arena, mostly every brand and business has its own app. Even a local coffee shop has a mobile app to order a cappuccino at your doorstep. If you are also thinking to launch an app, but don’t have programming skills, finding a tech expert would be the best way to do it.

  • Is online shopping on the palm of your hand? All thanks to m-commerce concept! In the present arena, mobile channels have become a significant necessity.

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    Building a mobile app is extremely hard; especially the one which people loves and helps grow your company. Getting near to the ideal app demands extra caution. Here are some tips to get a million dollar app.

  • Artificial intelligence is changing mobile app development in significant ways. As the need for AI continues to increase, app developers with a broad understanding of automated learning will be in higher demand for their knowledge and creativity.

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    Currently, Chatbots are considered to be a huge deal as they offer great business prospects for to those who are willing to take the risk. Entrepreneurs are shifting their center towards it. Let’s explore how it can help you out!