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  • Nowadays mobile app development has become an important part of every business marketing strategy. If you are running an online business, you need an application because most of the people prefer buying things on mobile apps due to their busy schedule. However, gone are the days when the success of an app was measured by the number of downloads and ratings. With the ever-evolving changes in the technology world, mobile app metrics are vital because, without them, no one can make the idea of whether their business app is doing well or not. The businesses that lack particular metrics fail to attract the customers faster.

  • “Flutter is Google's portable UI toolkit that helps mobile app developers and designers build modern apps for Android and iOS” From the day when version 1.0 of the Flutter framework has been released in the marketplace, it has been one of the hottest topics in the mobile application development industry. For now, this framework is relatively fresh, yet a trend for developing an outstanding mobile application. This is why today here I am going to discuss the future of Flutter mobile app development but before jumping to that part, let’s know more about this framework.

  • 5G technology - catalyst for IoT future

    The rollout of “5G” soon started when the first service bundles offered by telecommunications companies came in to notice

  • 5 ways entertainment Mobile App development is changing the world

    Haven't Mobile Apps changed us? Indeed. We should thank the technology experts for their years of uphill struggle and effort and also the software techies for developing wonderful applications that we cannot deny. Almost mobile is the peak need of the hour and every person these days owns a mobile. We are living in a technology era where even kids are much more aware of the latest trends than us. You don’t need to teach them the functions of mobile, in its place they can teach you a lot of things that you are not aware about. 

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    Mobile app development has become one of the key factors, in order to make your own space in the market. Among all, Android has become the first choice of users. Let’s dig a little bit deeper and find out why it is crucial to prioritize Android app development…