change management

  • LAN646 Digital transformation delusions

    There’s a bit of a disconnect in the findings from research into the level of digital transformation among Australian organisations, undertaken by Tech Research Asia for Hitachi Data Systems: Taking Digital Transformation to the Next Level.

  • lan633 digital transformation culture is the key

    A few weeks ago we looked at the connection between digital transformation and change management, recognising the fact that when an organisation strives to ‘become digital’ this is a change process and, like any other change process, must be managed if it is to be successful. We compared the top 10 principles of change management as set out in 2004 with an updated list from the same organisation in 2014 and noted that corporate culture — ‘Assess the cultural landscape’ and ‘Address culture explicitly’ — that had been priorities seven and eight in 2004 had risen to number one position in 2014 (‘Lead with the culture’).