• Providing its clients with quality development, SynapseIndia also participates in different social programs. The company always shows active participation in these activities through various social programs. The IT venture which was started by Mr. Shamit Khemka in 2000 has always contributed to the welfare of the society via SynapseIndia CSR.

  • SynapseIndia is a process-driven organization which started its operations in 2000. Founded by Mr. Shamit Khemka, the company not only participates in the development phenomena of the IT sector but also shares an equal social contribution via SynapseIndia CSR. Since its year of inception, the company has focused on its contributions towards the growth of clients' business and social welfare.

  • SynapseIndia has generously announced that the company is planning to financially support an expansion of the premise of International Chandramauli Charitable Trust in Varanasi, India. The Trust is a major corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative of SynapseIndia and is focused on the welfare of children from the less privileged class. The company has achieved a global recognition for its consistent and effective CSR programs that have essentially changed the lives of many.