customer service

  • Data in the service of customer experience management

    Pre651 Data in the service of customer experience management

    We’ve had quite a lot to say last year about analytics in the context of customer service. We talked about customer analytics, defined as the process by which predictive insights will aid the achievement of acquiring new customers; growing customer lifetime value; retaining customers at risk of defection; enhancing customer loyalty and advocacy can be derived from available data.

  • Defining the customer journey

    Pre641 Defining the customer journey

    Customer journey (aka customer engagement journey) is a term much bandied about in discussions about customer service, but what exactly does it mean? The answer, it seems is not straightforward.

  • Digital interactions speak louder than words

    pre623 digital interactions speak louder than words

    2016 looks like being a watershed year in the customer service industry globally: it will be the year in which the volume of digital interactions between companies and customers exceeds voice interactions.

  • Have you analysed your cohorts recently?

    pre610 have you analysed your cohorts recently

    Yes folks, yet another buzz phrase has entered the argot of customer service: ‘cohort analysis’. What is it?

  • Machine learning makes inroads into customer service

    Pre649 Machine learning makes inroads into customer service

    Artificial intelligence. The term tends to conjure up visions of computers taking over the world: 2001’s HAL, Skynet in the Terminator movie series, and many others. But Artificial intelligence and its related concept, machine learning, can have many practical applications today, and global domination is not one of them.

  • Renewing the marketing department for the digital age

    lan609 in search of edge computing

    There’s no end of talk about digital disruption, digital transformation and about their impacts on customer service and marketing: omnichannel; customer journey mapping; customer analytics; etc. What get’s less attention is how marketing organisations need to restructure themselves to adopt and exploit these technology-driven changes.

  • When calling the contact centre is the customer’s last resort

    Pre647 When calling the contact centre is the customers last resort

    Contact centre managers, it seems, don’t really understand just how much customers are making use of voice alternatives — in particular the web — for customer service, according to research undertaken by Ovum.