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  • 2020 is the year to build a shopping app for your Magento website. Integrating the online store with a pair of native apps will boost conversions & sales. But, app development is all about coding knowledge and technicalities. From the past 7 years, KnowBand has been a leading name as eCommerce mobile app and plugin developer for stores running on PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento & WooCommerce.

  • Developing eCommerce Mobile Apps for your OpenCart online store is completely code-free now. There isn’t any need to learn to code or gain technical knowledge to create or manage apps. With the ready-to-go Mobile App Builder framework, every OpenCart store owner can own a pair of full-fledged Android and iOS shopping apps. Read the complete article to know more in detail.

  • MageNative comes up with yet another discount bonanza this holiday shopping season. Avail Flat 20% discount on all eCommerce mobile apps. Get ready to revamp your online store this Christmas with a Christmas themed mobile app. Convert your store into a mobile app and double your season sales.

  • Someone has rightly said,” With Great Features Comes Great Customers”. Of course, we are talking about eCommerce mobile apps. In this competitive market around us, survival isn’t a piece of cake for your mobile store. New features & trends are being introduced in the apps on a daily basis. To get you in the race, KnowBand Plugins has come up with various new features & updates & tried to keep them as customizable as possible. Let’s discuss them in a bit of detail. 

  • A number of online website owners are looking forward to taking their business mobile, but, couldn’t do so because of money & time constraint. Hiring a professional developer would ask for heavy investment even for the nominal changes. But, don’t worry. There is a plethora of mobile app solution in the market which can provide you an innovative app in a few days. One such plugin is OpenCart Mobile App Builder by KnowBand Plugins. 

  • Mobile Apps came as a new eCommerce trend a few years back & now have kind of overpowered the retail industry. They brought a paradigm shift from eCommerce to mobile commerce. The growth of eCommerce apps is total because of the increased usage of mobile devices & internet services. With the user preferring mobile apps more for online product purchase, the pillars of mobile commerce got stronger. All the major eCommerce platforms like PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, etc. store owners are migrating to the mobile platform in order to boost your sales. But, here let’s talk about Magento Mobile App.

  • Technology is increasing the bandwidth of the imagination implemented in the e-commerce sector. These days’ companies in this sector are using live streaming to grow brand awareness and its services. This is another way to boost sales.