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  • It’s been a sensational journey of CedCommerce and Fruugo together, wherein they have been helping sellers to sell and earn globally with minimal manual efforts. Taking the partnership to the next level, Fruugo listed free eCommerce plugins by CedCommerce on its official site on March 27, 2020.

  • Developing eCommerce Mobile Apps for your OpenCart online store is completely code-free now. There isn’t any need to learn to code or gain technical knowledge to create or manage apps. With the ready-to-go Mobile App Builder framework, every OpenCart store owner can own a pair of full-fledged Android and iOS shopping apps. Read the complete article to know more in detail.

  • What better place will be than a Marketplace to offer products online? We all have witnessed the massive growth of Amazon in the past years. It became one of the biggest online product marketplaces. That’s for physical/virtual products. But, are you aware of Well, it is a booking and rental marketplace which allows multiple sellers to list their online booking & rental products like a hotel, appointment, event, daily rent, hourly rent, etc.