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    In these modern times, the digital age is upon us and seems to only garner more momentum and speed with each passing year. Since its inception almost two decades ago, the wall of the new millennium has been built with defining digital processes that bring unprecedented convenience and capability to our evolving market.

  • The real estate is one of the busiest industries in the world. Real estate agents have a lot of paperwork to prepare, several signatures to collect and sales to close by the end of the day so that they can earn their commission.

  • About 20 years, the idea of digital signatures was something hard to imagine. However, today, eSignature technology proves to be an ideal technological innovation. Electronic signatures, also referred to as eSignatures are electronic processes that indicate acceptance of a record or agreement.

  • Many consumers are now shifting from paper-based communication to electronically-sent documents and payments. Amidst this change in document sending and payment practices, ARM companies have a duty to play in helping set up and remain compliant with rules and regulations that safeguard convenience in the processes.

  • Selecting the ideal signature app involves several steps, and a number of them are covered here.

  • E signature is not a new term as it has been with us for a long time even though very few of us have an understanding of the benefits it brings at the productivity level. Most of the industrial sectors today have shifted to this new technological method due to the immense benefits it comes with.

  • The office space is increasingly moving away from dependence on papers to accomplish tasks. This is an indication that, while a completely paperless future is not possible tomorrow, the concept is not farfetched. One of the areas which are at the forefront of eliminating papers in the office is the electronic signature.

  • Moving your real estate business to a paperless organization might be the most excellent idea. However, taking a bit of a moment on planning for this adjustment sounds cool.

  • The finance industry to improve its services by introducing paperless banking is implementing infrastructures to support e signatures for financial services. From simple banking to loans, insurance, mortgages, policies, etc. are part of the international laws that govern the use of digital and electronic signatures in the financial sector.