• PEL813 CGA details current and future damage control technologies

    The Common Ground Alliance (CGA) — the association of 1,700 individuals, organisations and sponsors involved in every facet of the underground utility industry in the USA — has issued the first of what will be annual reports detailing the state of current and emergent technologies available to the damage prevention industry.

  • PEL704 The poetry of dangerous digging

    It’s been a while – three years in fact - since we looked at Digging Dangers – the annual video produced in the US to highlight the often spectacularly disastrous consequences of excavating without full information on all buried infrastructure.

  • PEL703a Telstra cracks down on unqualified cable locators

    Australia’s largest telco, Telstra, is cracking down on organisations that use staff without proper accreditation to locate its underground cables prior to excavating.