• Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft announced a partnership on AI for the betterment of humankind

    It won’t be at all wrong to say that data is gradually becoming one of the most important currency in the modern world and its value is rooted in its applications to artificial intelligence. It is 100% true that whichever company owns data, effectively owns AI.

  • Hire Adwords certified PPC expert for better marketing campaign

    PPC Experts of Conversion Perk are highly trained professionals on handling Adwords PPC campaigns. They achieve client’s business goals as per their client’s needs and by observing market condition. They are the complete guide for succeeding in digital marketing solutions.

  • Would you take financial advice from a robot?

    pre624 would you take financial advice from a robot

    There’s a suggestion in a blog post from The Customer Experience Company –- an Australian design and innovation firm -- that changes to financial advice legislation may make formal financial advice more costly and less accessible and that the finance industry’s response might be to provide general information for free by investing in new channels such as robo-advice.