hard drive

  • Drives SSD use interface M.2 are becoming more popular, due to its numerous advantages. They are miniature in size and do not take up much space in a laptop, mini PC or desktop computer case (they are simply installed on the motherboard), and allow to achieve speeds not available for "normal" 2.5-inch SSDs. If you are considering install your Windows 10 system on a M.2 SSD, keep on reading.

  • Sometimes, you may wonder “do I have a virus”, there is a scenario you may not like, but it can happen to you every day. Imagine you're working on an important project, and all of a sudden, there are annoying pop-ups showing up on your computer, or it takes too long to load files or applications, and now you need to check if your computer is infected with malware, but you need to back up your data before that.

  • What are the advantages of making external hard drive bootable? First one is that you can use a bootable external hard drive to boot the unbootable computer. The second one is that when you don't want to use the system that comes with the computer, you can use bootable drive to boot the computer.

  • How to backup hard drive Windows 10 with ease? How to backup external hard drive before formatting? How to back hard drive to keep data safe? This post will show you different ways to back up hard disk with the professional hard drive backup software.

  • Do you know how to clone hard drive to SSD with ease and would not bring any damage to the original data? MiniTool provides two pieces of best SSD cloning software which enable you to migrate data or OS to SSD quickly and safely.

  • If there are errors or bad sectors on the hard drive or the partition, the hard drive or the partition may encounter some problems. Don't worry, this post will show you how to check hard drive for errors and fix the problems respectively.

  • Bad sector refers to a disk sector on a disk storage unit that is permanently damaged. What can you do if your hard disk has a bad block and how to repair bad sectors on hard drive? This post will show you what bad sector is and how to solve the issue bad sector on hard drive.