Infrastructure Protection

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    In the UK the British Standards Institute earlier this year released a new standard for the recording of information on the location of underground infrastructure, and related above-ground infrastructure.

  • PEL823 Budget boosts precise location services

    This year’s Federal Budget contained an announcement of considerable significance to anyone with an interest in locating underground infrastructure.

  • PEL826 Coming soon Australias first damage prevention conference

    The inaugural Oceania Damage Prevention Conferencewill be held in Queensland at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre from 20-23 August 2018 with the theme  “Drawing in the Power of Collaboration”.

  • PEL824 Conference to focus on digital technology for utility asset management

    Digital technologies are disrupting industries of all kinds, and infrastructure management is no exception. Over the years in this column, we’ve looked a quite a few of these technologies: augmented and virtual reality; the internet of things (IoT), drones etc.

  • PEL515 Construction industry conference celebrates boom times

    The construction industry in Australia is on a roll. According to the organisers of the forthcoming Construction Materials Industry Conference (CMIC18), Australia is on the cusp of the biggest influx of public and private infrastructure investment in decades, and the coming infrastructure boom will be one and a half times the size of recent Australian mining boom.

  • PEL727 Dig this The excavator of the future

    Technology never stands still. The Internet is only about 20 years old. Mobile phones only about 40, and smartphones with their plethora of applications only 10 years old.

  • PEL710 Joint Australia NZ research project to improve GPS accuracy

    Position fixing could become much more precise than the several metres accuracy provided by the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites if a two year trial of Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) being undertaken with the backing of the Australian and New Zealand Governments proves successful.

  • Market Research Report on “Critical Infrastructure Protection Market to 2025 – Global Analysis and Forecasts by Services, Security Type and Application” by The Insight Partners, says Global Critical Infrastructure Protection market is expected to witness growth during the forecast period due to rising concerns to protect these infrastructures from cyber-attacks. Learn details of the Opportunities, News and Trends Forecast Report 2025

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    In the US utilities that own buried infrastructure are required to precisely locate and mark the location of their infrastructure in response to requests lodged through Call 811, the equivalent of Australia’s Dial Before You Dig service.

  • Duane Nathan winnerCGA2016

    March 10 2016 was a red letter day for Black Hills Energy’s Nebraska based State Compliance Specialist, Nathan Stewart: it was the day he won PelicanCorp’s prize draw at the Common Ground Alliance’s annual 811 Excavation Safety Conference & Expo, held this year in Las Vegas.

  • pel731a pelicancorp teams up with australia s peak contractor body to help protect vital infrastructure

    PelicanCorp has formed a strategic alliance with Australia’s Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) under which they will strive jointly to promote best practice in infrastructure construction through communication and by seeking to influence policy and management practices for civil construction.

  • pel629 pelicancorp ticketaccess automates city of charles sturt s dbyd responses

    The City of Charles Sturt (CCS) in the western suburbs of Adelaide owns around 500kms of underground assets including stormwater and recycled water supply networks. Enquiries relayed by Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) from contractors wanting to dig near those networks were running at around 600 per month, and growing by about 10 percent each month.

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    In March 2017 wereported on a two year trialof Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) being undertaken with the backing of the Australian and New Zealand Governmentsthat,if successful would offer position fixing much more precise than the several metres accuracy provided by the Global Positioning System (GPS).

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    Water utilities are getting smarter in how the monitor and manage their underground pipe networks. We recently reported on how SA Water is using acoustic sensors to detect pressure surges and leaks in its Adelaide CBD water mains. Now, Melbourne Water is trialling the use of new technologies to help monitor the condition of more than 400kms of sewerage mains across Melbourne.

  • pel611 the mystery cause of damage to underground infrastructure

    It might come as something of a surprise but, in the US at least, the main cause of damage to underground infrastructure is not failure to call the local equivalent of Australia’s Dial Before You Dig service. Nor is it failure to properly locate the underground infrastructure. In fact, half of all incidents of damage occur after both those processes have been followed correctly.

  • pel623 the path to dial before you dig legislation

    In April the US Department of Transportation (DoT) introduced the Pipelines and Enhancing Safety (PIPES) Act of 2016.