• Excited for Black Friday? Of course, you are but hold on because KnowBand has some big plans for this Black Friday. KnowBand introducing new version (1.9) of OpenCart Mobile App Builder extension. The OpenCart Mobile App Maker extension provides some amazing functionalities on the app. KnowBand’s OpenCart Mobile App Builder extension is a ready-made framework which delivers Android & iOS app for your online store. It keeps store admin away from all the coding and programming task. Sounds amazing right? Yes, it is because we at KnowBand do all the coding part so that you don’t have to. There is no need to manage the store inventory manually because live automatic synchronization functionality update all the website changes on the app including categories, products, payment methods, etc. Online shoppers can access the mobile app in any handheld devices whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.

  • Irrelevant links and notification usually irritate users. Right? Well, there is a piece of special news for Magento 2 Store Merchants. KnowBand has integrated advanced Deep Linking in Mobile apps & done amazing UI updates. All the Magento store owners out there who haven’t taken their online store to the mobile platform, this is your chance.

  • Someone has rightly said,” With Great Features Comes Great Customers”. Of course, we are talking about eCommerce mobile apps. In this competitive market around us, survival isn’t a piece of cake for your mobile store. New features & trends are being introduced in the apps on a daily basis. To get you in the race, KnowBand Plugins has come up with various new features & updates & tried to keep them as customizable as possible. Let’s discuss them in a bit of detail. 

  • AppJetty - extensions and plugins store based in India added a live tracking feature to TapCRM App with newly enhanced features to simplify the CRM data processing from Mobile.

  • In this festive spirit, take your eCommerce store to the journey of the mobile world. KnowBand, the leading eCommerce plugin provider has once again come up with the heavy discounted offer to minimize the cost & maximize the profits for you. Use LUCKY40 coupon code and get Mobile App Builder plugin at a huge 40% discount.

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    If you're looking for the mobile phone that will be best for your business, you're not alone. Many entrepreneurs turn great concepts into enterprises, only to realize that their personal handsets are not well-equipped for the job.