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  • CBT633 4k TV takes hold as HD penetration reaches 95 in US

    Over eight million 4K Ultra HD television sets have been sold representing an impressive 114% growth sport from Q2, 2015.

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    Google’s Artificial Intelligence home entertainment hub – Google Home- has launched in the Australian market and its poised to try and shake up the competitive streaming space.

  • CBT646 Amazon streaming invading Aus

    Amazon’ streaming service Prime has soft launched in Australia with an official launch anticipated over summer.

  • cbt622 amazon takes on google netflix in iptv shake up

    The world’s biggest digital department store is taking on video streaming with the launch of Amazon Video Direct.

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    China’s biggest media content producers, TVBO Productions and Television Broadcasts (TVB), are batting the Australian Federal Court over multiple piracy infringements via Australian IPTV networks.

  • CBT722 AR and VR immerse InfoComm 2017

    Virtual and augmented reality will be core focuses of InfoComm 2017, held in mid-June, which is poised to be the largest show to date with forecasts of 40,000 attendees from 100 different countries and 1,000-plus exhibitors.

  • cbt627 aus and nz unite on docsis for fast iptv

    Carriers on both sides of the Tasman are deploying the DOCSIS 3 technology which globally is poised to reach 9 million households by 2017.

  • CBT644 Aussie technology removes aged care barriers

    Australia’s aging population need technology solutions that empower them with connectivity and independence, claims Mike Seymour, an associate lecturer in Sydney University Business School.

  • CBT819 Australia leads in connected TV

    Australia , the UK, US, Norway and Germany are the leading countries in the surge of connected TV viewing, according to a groundbreaking three-year behavioural study.

  • CBT734 Pirates blocked in Aus

    Australia's largest telecommunications providers will be blocking access to 57 international websites which allow users to download pirated TV shows and movies.

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    Australian technology companies were a prime showcase at ConnecTechAsia, the new technology event which includes CommunicAsia, BroadcastAsia, and the inaugural NXTAsia, under the one umbrella held at Marina Bay Sands and Suntec Singapore between 26-28 June 2018.

  • CBT719 Australian tech industry embraces ehealth

    Australian technology centrepiece CeBITis showcasing the emerging power of digital health innovation to transform medical services and health outcomes.

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    IBC 2017 pushed the boundaries of AI and robotic technologies with the showcase of Hanson Robotics’ Sophia, which emerged as the star of the technology conference. Sophia is a robot equipped with AI software that facilitates eye contact, facial recognition, understands speech and is capable of holding natural conversations and simulating human personality.

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    In what may seem like a prophecy from Bladerunner 2, display manufacturers are seeing new growth opportunities due to advancements in screenless display across a wide range of solutions for multiple applications. Screenless display which includes holograms and projections straight onto the human retina are no longer a sci-fi fantasy.

  • cbt612 brits ramp on streaming while aussie teens ditch tv

    Streaming TV services in the U.K. are gaining viewing traction, doubling in video consumption in the last 12 months.

  • CBT812 Cars drive digital radio surge

    The automotive industry’s adoption of digital radio is driving demand and usage of the emerging platform according to the latest figures from Commercial Radio Australia.

  • CBT710 China drives global 4K screens while Netflix and Amazon invest in content

    China is set to dominate the 4K market this year with forecasts that it will ship 42% of all TVs during 2017. According to IHS research during 2016, over 25 million 4KTVs shipped in China and the analysts expect that by 2020 that number will almost double to 44 million. This represents the same as Western Europe and North America combined. “China is on a different trajectory to the rest of the world when it comes to 4KTVs. It is getting hard to buy a large screen TV in China without 4K,” said IHS Markit principal analyst Paul Gray.

  • CBT720 CommunicAsia2017

    Singapore’s reputation for being at the forefront of technology implementation was solidified at this year’s at CommunicAsia 2017.

  • CBT709 Connecting the home the IoT way

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has been stealing technology tradeshow headlines this year from CES to Mobile World Congress. The top line take-away is that IoT is now permeating every aspect of the digital spectrum and every player from device maker to bandwidth provider needs to be armed.

  • CBT815 Content is driving platform growth

    Consumer expenditure on entertainment content is poised to reach US$439 billion globally by 2021 according to research from Futuresource Consulting. The latest Global Entertainment Content Outlook report calculates that this would represent a 17% increase from 2017. TV and video accounts for the lion's share of this consumer spend, and subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu are rapidly dominating the overall home video entertainment sector including DVD, Blu-ray, EST, VOD and SVOD.

  • CBT826 Convergence rocks New Zealand at MediaTech Pacific 2018

    The convergence of the broadcasting and digital media sectors across the Pacific was scrutinised at the Media Technology Pacific (MTP)conference in Auckland.

  • CBT807 Digital radio drives audience growth

    Radio remains a growing media outlet of choice for Australian listeners with a cumulative audience of nearly 10.5 million people listening each week in metropolitan areas, according to research from Commercial Radio Australia.

  • cbt628 digital radio zooms ahead with new audiences

    Digital radio is establishing a stronghold with Australian audiences reaching 3.52 million users across the five metropolitan capital cities. According to the latest statistics from GfK, DAB+ digital radio gained 168,000 listeners in the first quarter of 2016.

  • CBT706 ISE Takes Australian Digital Signage Global

    Digital signage took centre stage at Amsterdam’s Integrated Systems Europe(ISE) tradeshow which attracted over 65,000 visitors across February 7-10.

  • cbt623 europe demands local content from netflix and vod players

    VOD providers including Netflix, YouTube and Amazon will be forced to include more European content on their platforms under new rules being proposed by the European Commission (EC). Global video platforms may also have to contribute financially to other Europeans’ works under new audio-visual rules which are also being mooted by the EC.

  • CBT643 Gaming storms Melbourne for International Games Week

    Interactive gaming has been tipped to be the fastest growing segment in media and entertainment according to PWC, growing 8.1% annually to 2020 and reaching $3.3bn.

  • cbt630 google supercharges iptv services

    Google has accelerated its IPTV services range aiming to tailor over- the-top services to media companies, with the acquisition of Anvato.

  • cbt629 hotel vod gets a re boot

    Travellers in the digital age know exactly what they want when staying in hotels and top of the list is a solid internet connection. Hotel owners realise connectivity is mandatory and wise hoteliers ensure that wi-fi at the very least is freely available, not just for the business travellers but all guests armed with their own devices. However the demand for personal connectivity for hotel guests has disrupted a long held staple revenue stream for hotel owners, in-house on demand videos.

  • CBT639 IBC 2016 wraps up with tech stars

    Broadcasters were urged to start leveraging the emerging technology available to start explaining stories rather than simply ‘following the money’, by Lord David Puttnam in his IBC Masterclass address. Citing George Clooney’s Oscar-winning Good Night, and Good Luck (2005) quote “unless TV started again to teach, and to illuminate, and to inspire then it was no more than merely wires and lights in a box”, he wrapped up the sentiment of innovation that set the tone for IBC 2016.

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    Australia’s leading AV and integrated technology trade show, Integrate, is returning to Melbourne, Victoria for its ninth year.