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  • In today’s era, the Internet has changed the way of living for human beings. Online activities have acquired the whole business process in this world. eCommerce business is one of the most flourished business all over the world. Many business owners have shifted themselves to an eCommerce website to earn a huge chunk of profits. This lead to a steady increase in the number of web stores for the same products which resulted in a huge level of competition among sellers.

  • Marketplaces are the life saviors of many customers in today’s world. The marketplace is the professional seller community that provides many customers with a wide variety of products to choose from. Being a seller, selling your products on a Marketplace could result in a good amount of profits. It will not only enhance the brand image of your product but will also help you gain popularity and trust in your store.

  • When it comes to buying anything online, customers automatically visit the Marketplace website to find their favorite product at the best price. Since the demand for Marketplace is increasing by every day, sellers can leverage this opportunity to make a good amount of profits on a regular basis. Many sellers started selling on a Marketplace through their eCommerce website but due to the standardized rules and regulations set by these Marketplaces makes difficult for these sellers to achieve their goals.

  • In today’s generation, the eCommerce industry is one of the sources which gives us immense benefits on a daily basis. From online shopping to secure payments, it has made our lives so easy and stress-free. Online shoppers are always surfing different eCommerce websites searching for their favorite products. This became possible because of the smart and the handy technology which allows these shoppers to buy anything at any time. These websites are mainly some of the renowned Marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart which are serving these online shoppers all over the world.

  • In today’s digital world, the eCommerce industry is the most successful industry all over the world. People from everywhere want to surf in the digital streams of online shopping and that makes it one of the most popular ways of buying and selling products. The increased use of smartphones made the technology handy which in turn enabled sellers to shop online from anywhere and anytime. Being a seller, this is the high time to come up with some assiduous strategies and put yourself an extra edge over others. This led many sellers to register themselves as third-party sellers on some renowned marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Walmart, etc. However, the standardized rules and regulations set by these communities made difficult for these sellers to achieve their goals. Sellers were unable to enhance their brand image nor their brand became popular which result lacked customer’s trust.

  • Turn your store into a fully featured Marketplace with the latest updated Magento Marketplace Module by Knowband. Magento Marketplace Plugin can convert your store into an online shopping mall in few simple steps. Enhance the revenue of your store by charging percentage commission on sellers.

  • Store owners are always ready to grab the opportunity that comes in their way. Upgrading your store into Marketplace is one of the latest trends followed by many of the store admins to accelerate their business growth. Marketplace admin can now offer their customer items and services of multiple retailers at the same platform. Keeping the customer satisfied and looking for measures to keep them engaged enhances the customer retention rate at the store.

  • CedCommerce upgrades Magento Marketplace Extensions. Now Users will get enhanced Magento Marketplace Features and even better shopping experience.

  • For this year's festive season CedCommerce announced huge discounts on its Advance Marketplace Extension and All Magento Extensions.

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    CedCommerce in its endeavor to continuously improve and provide entrepreneurs with the best solutions announced upgrades to several of its products. The aim was to fix compatibility issues with Magento 2.2.5 and certain bug fixes from the previous versions.

  • CedCommerce is Offering Flat 10% Discount On All Magento Extensions.

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    The HubSpot Magento 2 Integration Extension is now available at Magento Marketplace to be acquired by the sellers. Read more about this recent event in the e-commerce dynamics, in the post below.