MiniTool Movie Maker

  • In many cases. You may have many movies or have downloaded some cool videos from the web which are in the format of AVI. And you like some part in these videos very much and want to capture the part from the video so as to create your remarkable forum avatar. Or ye tend to embed some AVI files to the web page. But it’s difficult to display AVI files on the website as you need some extra coding or additional plug-ins. So a much easier way is to create animated GIF from AVI.

  • Depending on your goals and audience, you can choose to distribute your videos on different platforms. If video marketing is what you’re after, you can push your videos on YouTube as regular posts or targeted ads. While your video will likely not be the next big thing on the internet, it will definitely generate brand awareness with people outside your current customer base and it will be worth it all.

  • Listening to music or watching movies online on YouTube is convenient, but sometimes it is more worth uploading your own videos. Whether uploading videos to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or backing up videos in hardware, you will need a powerful video compressor to compress video files without quality loss. Let's get to know the best programs that will help us in the upcoming 2020.

  • M4V is a video format used on multimedia sites and portable devices. This is a special MPEG-4 format whose extension name is .m4v. As the M4V format is protected by Apple's DRM, it is played by few media players. If you are experiencing the similar problem, follow this article to find out how to convert M4V to MP4 for free.