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  • With the advancement in the past decade technologies and application usage, the majority of the online businesses have shifted on mobile. This isn’t just any other luxury for their business, rather it’s a kind of unavoidable need. In order to match your steps with the ever-growing competition, the retail store owners need to give a thought on this, if haven’t done so.

  • Are you aware that creating a shopping app now is much advanced and low cost than ever before! Launching a pair of native Android and iOS mobile apps for an online eCommerce website is the best thing one can do for their business. Let's find out how KnowBand can help you in achieving this for your store.

  • What better place will be than a Marketplace to offer products online? We all have witnessed the massive growth of Amazon in the past years. It became one of the biggest online product marketplaces. That’s for physical/virtual products. But, are you aware of Well, it is a booking and rental marketplace which allows multiple sellers to list their online booking & rental products like a hotel, appointment, event, daily rent, hourly rent, etc.

  • The 2019 Holiday season is almost at our doors. This is a great time for eCommerce merchants to give a best shot to competitive edge & boost sales & conversions of their store. It is the most awaited and exciting season for both eCommerce store owners as well as online shoppers.

  • KnowBand plugins running amazing discounts on its Mobile App Builder plugin. For all those who are not aware, this extension is a pre-configured framework which lets all eCommerce website owners develop fully native Android & iOS mobile apps. The eCommerce Mobile App Builder is available for websites running on PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento 1, Magento 2 & WooCommerce. You can create native Android & iOS shopping apps for your store & publish them on Google Play Store & Apple App Store. 

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    Just imagine that you’re running late early in the morning. You rush to a coffee bar for your morning pick-me-up. Instead of headache with your cards, money or wallet, you push a button on your watch for the payment and you are done.

  • A number of online website owners are looking forward to taking their business mobile, but, couldn’t do so because of money & time constraint. Hiring a professional developer would ask for heavy investment even for the nominal changes. But, don’t worry. There is a plethora of mobile app solution in the market which can provide you an innovative app in a few days. One such plugin is OpenCart Mobile App Builder by KnowBand Plugins. 

  • There is a world full of smartphone around us. We rely on mobile apps for almost every job in our day to day life & so it is for shopping. Having a mobile app for the online store is must if you are really focusing on boosting your store’s revenue & sales. Learn about such an automated solution for mobile app.

  • Mobile Apps came as a new eCommerce trend a few years back & now have kind of overpowered the retail industry. They brought a paradigm shift from eCommerce to mobile commerce. The growth of eCommerce apps is total because of the increased usage of mobile devices & internet services. With the user preferring mobile apps more for online product purchase, the pillars of mobile commerce got stronger. All the major eCommerce platforms like PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, etc. store owners are migrating to the mobile platform in order to boost your sales. But, here let’s talk about Magento Mobile App.

  • In this festive spirit, take your eCommerce store to the journey of the mobile world. KnowBand, the leading eCommerce plugin provider has once again come up with the heavy discounted offer to minimize the cost & maximize the profits for you. Use LUCKY40 coupon code and get Mobile App Builder plugin at a huge 40% discount.

  • Today, KnowBand is celebrating 100th download of its PrestaShop Mobile App Builder on PrestaShop Addon Store. KnowBand being a leading eCommerce plugin development company has made the eCommerce mobile app development simpler and budget-friendly for all the PrestaShop online business owners.

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    Ten percent of IT decision-makers surveyed by IDC in late 2015 reported spending 40 percent of their IT budget on mobile technologies, and the next 10 percent reported spending 25 percent. Perhaps not surprisingly, 68 percent said they considered mobility a critical driver of business success.

  • DateTix Group Limited (“DateTix”) (ASX:DTX) is pleased to announce that its recently launched android app has surpassed Tinder in the Hong Kong Google Play download charts.