mobile app designing

  • How are UX trends changing the designing aspect?


    Today, most of the people – be it adults or teenagers own a smartphone and this also affected the number of PC users. People are shifting to smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices and desktops have taken a backseat. And this is going to continue as well. Mobile is the new popular thing and its popularity is not going to fade anytime soon. This means that people prefer using mobile more to access content and to engage with businesses. And if the UX is not up to the mark, the users will leave your mobile application for a better one.

  • The thumb zone: designing for mobile users - trootech

    “The Thumb Zone” coined by Steven Hoober is very important factor in design & development for mobile user interfaces. You simply cannot ignore the thumb playing across the mobile screens, which is why it should be taken seriously. You don’t want your user to feel inconvenience when using the thumb to interact with your application or website. Poor consideration in design for the thumb is revealed through these inconveniences.

  • What is more effective when it comes to mobile app designing: Photoshop or Sketch?


    When it comes to designing mobile apps, the first question that strikes developers is whether to use Photoshop or sketch? Well, there is a lot of debate over this topic.Some people believe that Photoshop is best for app designing, while others have switched to Sketch.