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  • In the corporate world, ups and downs are the part of the game. Before launching a mobile app development company the iMOBDEV Technologies - was just a dream of duos Mr. Jignesh & Mr. Deepak. Believing that, Don't watch the clock, do what it does. Keep working is the foundation for succeeding years with marvelous output as Techno giants in IT.

  • HokuApps Automation Platform helps Improve Efficiency for the Field Service Industry, simplifies the business process to help improve efficiency for businesses in the field service industry.

  • With the advancement in technology, every company runs a business with the intent of increasing sales rate, earning huge profits, improving brand awareness and customer engagement. With these motives in mind, it is significant for the business owners to search out various ways and plan strategies that can help them reach out to enormous audiences in less time. Connecting with a large number of audiences in a short interval is not easy. So to expand internationally, it is significant for businesses to promote themselves with the most modern technology. From the past few years, mobile apps have opened several opportunities for every business industry.

  • The power of automation helps HokuApps build business solutions within weeks

  • “Flutter is Google's portable UI toolkit that helps mobile app developers and designers build modern apps for Android and iOS” From the day when version 1.0 of the Flutter framework has been released in the marketplace, it has been one of the hottest topics in the mobile application development industry. For now, this framework is relatively fresh, yet a trend for developing an outstanding mobile application. This is why today here I am going to discuss the future of Flutter mobile app development but before jumping to that part, let’s know more about this framework.

  • Enterprise mobility is changing the way companies conduct their business, both internally and with their customers.

  • Android is second largest smartphone platform in the world, hence you can't deny the development of an app for Android platform as your audience is there.

  • Augmented Reality in Sports: Proving a boon for the sports industry

    The sports industry is considered one of the most entertaining and lucrative industries. The advent of Augmented Reality into sports can be a game changer in many ways. AR is penetrating in sports like other fields such as manufacturing, education, medicine, and others. AR in sports open’s up unique opportunities to players as well as sports management. It is the best way to harness the power of mobile technologies to drive sports excitement.

  • 5G technology - catalyst for IoT future

    The rollout of “5G” soon started when the first service bundles offered by telecommunications companies came in to notice

  • How to optimize your Google play store page?

    If you are going to launch your Android app on Google Play Store then you must be worried about choosing the right set of app keywords. Well yes, App store optimization plays a crucial role in marketing your app in the mobile marketplace. There must be several questions that are running in your mind and maybe, you need some help. With this play store optimization guide, you will surely get answers to all your questions shortly.

  • How Virtual Reality is influencing Architects & Interior Designers

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    Architecture firms and Interior Designers has started incorporating Virtual Reality into their practice. VR is helping startups and enterprises to wrap the technology with their creativity. With many solutions, VR is empowering the Architect sector to offer to visualize in 3D models and rendering images.

  • MageNative, the one-stop solution for all your native mobile app building needs is coming up with newly upgraded features for its Shopify mobile app.

  • If you want to make quick cash, Challvia is one the excellent app that gives you fair deals. This trivia game app is all about fun and quiz. Even if you own a business, this can become your marketing platform to reach thousands of users directly.

  • Discovering fresh, new, and latest from routine life, became a habit that we practice every day. It is almost part of the daily schedule to see innovations or create unique in any of the work association we have connected. However, you may find anything new from life or not, but technology makes you surprise with its innovations. 

  • Integrate Customer Experience (CX) vs. User Experience (UX) In your business strategy

    The customer experience (CX) vs. user experience (UX) somehow sounds like similar right? But the meaning of both the terms is quite different. The concept not just focuses on mobile application development but also on the back of it. Many companies avoid this strategy but it is a prominent part of the process and most of the top-rated mobile development companies follow this rule.

  • Whatever your needs are, Auxano Global services has the mobile app solution to fulfill your requirements. Here you get unparalleled mobile app development services that help you withstand in this growing on-demand economy. Hire mobile app developers from us to see your business thrive in the evolving on-demand market.

  • Kunsh Technologies awarded as the top IT and business services firms for 2019 by Clutch, the leading B2B ratings and reviews firm. These companies were chosen based on reviews, industry knowledge, expertise & ability to deliver high-quality services.

  • 5 ways entertainment Mobile App development is changing the world

    Haven't Mobile Apps changed us? Indeed. We should thank the technology experts for their years of uphill struggle and effort and also the software techies for developing wonderful applications that we cannot deny. Almost mobile is the peak need of the hour and every person these days owns a mobile. We are living in a technology era where even kids are much more aware of the latest trends than us. You don’t need to teach them the functions of mobile, in its place they can teach you a lot of things that you are not aware about. 

  • How Virtual Reality will help Real Estate industry to drive sales

    Virtual Reality offers people an immersive environment that is helpful for people to take virtual tours of the houses. VR technology has created a realistic virtual experience for potential buyers by incorporating HD computer-generated images. This technology is an expert in combining the architectural model with 3D photographs/ videos.

  • Virtual Reality Employee Training: company get benefited

    Incorporate training employees is one of the major part among all. Training employees is the effective uses of virtual reality (VR) in business. A wide variety of VR headsets are available on the market to address different challenges in the businesses. The purpose is to fully engage an employee in a virtual world designed to showcase them with potential scenarios of the real world.

  • Flutter: Pros and Cons for Mobile App Development

    There are many new technologies are introducing on a regular basis in the world of Mobile App Development. If you are a software developer and always looking for the new tools and technologies to improve your mobile app then you must know about Flutter. Flutter has become a hot topic and with its immense advantages, it will stay in the market for the long run for sure. So whether you decide to use it or not you must aware about what exactly Flutter is? And what are its pros and cons. Before going in depth, let’s begin with the basics.

  • Why should jewelry businesses opt Augmented Reality?

    Augmented Reality has gained a strong foothold in various verticals. The virtual Try-On concept got popular and the trend is followed by the startups and enterprises. Likewise, Augmented Reality in jewelry has gone successful with more and more brands bringing in the virtual experience to consumers.

  • has announced the best mobile app development companies in Brazil 2019. These companies are excellent in terms of their services and very much adaptable to the latest technologies in mobile apps. This list will surely help many service seekers who are looking for a trusted app development partner.

  • AR has impacted several industries by immersing preservation, production technicians, and training employees. Likewise, AR in the manufacturing market has emerged as a game changer that can solve key operational problems.

  • Quytech, is a leading Mobile App Development Company in India laid a robust footing in Mobile App development services. Delivering versatile solutions in different technologies, we are one of the best service providers in the industry.

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    Mobile apps are transforming the world of mobile app users. These days’ people are more inclined towards mobile app usage. There are many reasons why a user gets stuck to a specific app. Moreover, great Apps in the industry offers many features that force users to stay.

  • Mobiweb Technologies awarded the best mobile app service providers in Pennsylvania at GoodFirms.

  • Is online shopping on the palm of your hand? All thanks to m-commerce concept! In the present arena, mobile channels have become a significant necessity.

  • Credencys Solutions Inc. pronounced as the top mobile app developers in the US by Mobile App Daily for the second consecutive year.

  • You have developed the app, now its time for you to make some money from the app. Here's our explaining the various app monetization models that you can adopt for your app idea.