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  • Even if you deny the changes being made in the everyday activities using the internet and controlling your necessity with, at some point, you have to agree that it's going to be like this for years to come.

  • Codal is a full stack UX design and mobile application development company with over 7 years of industry experience. 300+ mobile apps and websites under our belt. Having 25+ job opening at Ahmadabad location.

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    I know it sounds a little absurd to some of you, but the comparison has a reason, and that is the beauty of the mistletoe despite having its real characteristics of being a parasitic plant, which absorbs the nutrients from another plant.

  • Mobile apps have become the standard part of an enterprise ecosystem. Gradually, they have penetrated into every operation and their business benefits are apparently visible. By 2020, about 42% of the global workforce, i.e. 1.75 billion would go mobile. But citing the present in-house capability of enterprises pertaining to mobile app development, deployment, and integration, it seems we are likely to face off a crisis.

  • Virtual Reality perhaps established itself to be the one of the charismatic trends from the year 2015 but the concept has beginning that has preceded ages than the concept actually coined and formalised.

  • There’s no time to waste when you’re running a business, no matter how small or large your scheme of things is! Fortunately, the right tablet or smartphone apps can easily help you trim down on overall wasted time. Here’re the top 5 apps that can come pretty handy in making your business team more agile, efficient and productive.

  • Mobile app developers have various technologies and software that will help them build an app; one of which is HTML5. There are certain benefits of using this language to build a user friendly app. Let’s see what are they.

  • Have you ever thought of developing a mobile application for your business? Then you must have been a part of native versus hybrid mobile app debate. The battle between hybrid apps and native apps is never ending. Both have their own majors and minors. But do you know that the frameworks of the hybrid platform are actually giving a tough competition to the native applications?

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    Graphic designers were constrained to be by their desktop all the time.

  • A Brief Insight Into Advantages of Mobile App for Startups

    Mobile apps have become very popular in the world of businesses. Whether it is a small scale organization, mid-size or a large firm, smartphone apps play a significant role in order to gain competitive-edge in the market. Apparently, every company is investing its hard earned money in qualitative app development service. It is said that the opportunities for startups as well as seasoned veterans are countless. If you're an entrepreneurial minded, then mobile apps can surely help you in managing your business.

  • A developer’s job is definitely not any person’s cup of cake. Agreed?? Yet, their greatest critic is none other than the ignorant users mostly. Quite an irony!!

  • To survive the competitive market, one needs to evolve continuously. Constant evolution would give you ways to address your needs. One such evolution is mobile applications..

  • When one do not belong to the code circuit. There might be a possibility, you hear a word swift and all that pops in your head is an image of a car, but if you are a part of something which has coders all around, it's better you update the top floor of your body.

  • Ever wonder why mobile application usage generates massive data but eliminating paperwork for the same? So, where are the records for every transaction you make?

  • At Hyperlink Infosystem, we have done a great survey with many people around the globe and outcome with the unanticipated result that Google's Android is the most popular mobile operating system amongst the other OS.

  • App update, I don’t think I need to introduce this topic even, since an app is not carrying the legacy of ‘Once Made Then Long Forgotten’, but it requires the BIG SHOUT from the updation basket, every now and then to make a healthy pace with the trending technologies and demands in the users’ market.

  • More and more healthcare companies are realizing the need of a mobility solution for them. The global companies are constantly focussing on improved quality of patient care. The health information of the customer is now accessible, while on the go. Appinventiv is one of the fastest growing mobile app development companies which is always exploring new areas of mobile app development, as intense competition exists in the market place. Appinventiv is quick to realize the potential of healthcare mobility solutions, as that has the ability to reduce medication errors to a considerable extent.

  • Appinventiv Rendering World class Android App Development Services

    Appinventiv, is a mobile app development company with a complete difference. It has managed an exceptional growth in the last two years, staying ahead of the intense competition in the app development marketplace. It has empowered brands all over the globe with its best-in-class, responsive Android app development services. It has relentlessly stayed on its path of developing quality apps for clients with pursuit of excellence and implementing best practices in the Android app development services rendered by it.

  • A detailed and comparative study on Apple Vs Android, the leading Mobile Technologies, across all the key parameters, and the emerging global trends in 2017.

  • The idea doesn’t just turn into million dollar business in a day similarly the application prototypes are the way to get a flawless application for either ios or Android mobile applications for the user interface.

  • “Which future is preferred? Completely immersed or an improved version of the present”

  • For a decade now, eCommerce has gone mainstream and taken the center stage in retail industry. It is a popular business technique serving millions of online shoppers.

  • Are you confused to pick the right OS for your mobile app

    A very common perception and the confusion every new or would be app owner holds is to pick the right OS for their mobile app, but often this only leads to the confusion which makes them get indulged in a situation wherein only a series and a couple of more tension-filled situations occur and as consequence, the mobile app has to bear the brunt.

  • Amazon web services have introduced its cloud computing platform recently but Microsoft has been in the game for the past seven years.

  • Baymediasoft is known for developing the most innovative Android & iOS apps. The company recently developed a new application - Vaingo for one of its valuable clients.

  • Education sector is growing and evolving with the arrival of technology. Technology is changing the teaching methodology and is determined to change the way kids learn these days.

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    To unlock the power of IoT, it requires an intensive understanding of how it can be used to store, manage, process and analyze data.

  • Machine learning is practically changing the way we interact with our smartphones today. Technology is gradually making headway towards automation in rocket speed triggering user expectations to exert more pressure on mobile application developers to keep up with the market trends.

  • Appinventiv is a mobile app development company based in India, which has developed a niche for itself in the mobility space. The company has within a short period of two years time, emerged as one of the most desirable brands for developing mobile apps.

  • Cauldryn Fyre, an app based bottle gets sponsored by Google at CES 2018 along with OK Google integration. Cauldryn helps you to keep your favourite beverages at desired temperature all day long. Peerbits, a leading mobile app development firm developed the app on which the bottle runs.