• Information technology is transforming aged care. For example, systems that intelligently monitor behaviour patterns and raise an alarm only when they detect an anomaly can provide security without compromising privacy, enabling old people with infirmities to remain in their own homes longer.

  • The hospitality sector is emerging as one of the biggest drivers for IPTV growth over the next 5 years. New data from Orion Research has found that the outlook for video on demand in the hospitality market will be driven by IPTV solutions and dominate the video on demand usage from 2016 to 2021.

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    Technology security in prisons is naturally paramount, but a situation in a US prison has proven that platform security is most important and needs to be done properly.

  • CBT807 Digital radio drives audience growth

    Radio remains a growing media outlet of choice for Australian listeners with a cumulative audience of nearly 10.5 million people listening each week in metropolitan areas, according to research from Commercial Radio Australia.

  • Age care facility gets back to the future with Omniscreen 2The rise of an ageing population means that retirement living options and facilities are growing in complexities of services, demand and technology solutions. The Australian Bureau of Statistics forecasts that by 2050 those aged 65 or over will make up nearly one-quarter of the population. Significantly between now and 2050, the proportion of Australians aged 85 years or older will more than double to 4.2 percent.

  • CBT706 ISE Takes Australian Digital Signage Global

    Digital signage took centre stage at Amsterdam’s Integrated Systems Europe(ISE) tradeshow which attracted over 65,000 visitors across February 7-10.

  • CBT645 Combitel new encoder Internal note

    The growing use of IPTV systems in the corporate, government hospitality and education sectors is increasing demand for robust solutions that allow for the integration of multiple audio visual feeds.