OpenCart mobile app

  • Developing eCommerce Mobile Apps for your OpenCart online store is completely code-free now. There isn’t any need to learn to code or gain technical knowledge to create or manage apps. With the ready-to-go Mobile App Builder framework, every OpenCart store owner can own a pair of full-fledged Android and iOS shopping apps. Read the complete article to know more in detail.

  • Excited for Black Friday? Of course, you are but hold on because KnowBand has some big plans for this Black Friday. KnowBand introducing new version (1.9) of OpenCart Mobile App Builder extension. The OpenCart Mobile App Maker extension provides some amazing functionalities on the app. KnowBand’s OpenCart Mobile App Builder extension is a ready-made framework which delivers Android & iOS app for your online store. It keeps store admin away from all the coding and programming task. Sounds amazing right? Yes, it is because we at KnowBand do all the coding part so that you don’t have to. There is no need to manage the store inventory manually because live automatic synchronization functionality update all the website changes on the app including categories, products, payment methods, etc. Online shoppers can access the mobile app in any handheld devices whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.

  • Every business needs a mobile app for their business to grow, most of the consumers who want to purchase things don't go for the website rather try to find a mobile app for that and order things from that.

  • If you have a running Opencart Or Magento e-commerce store, and want to increase your sale by also selling your goods through the means of mobile app.

  • Having a shopping app for your online product selling eCommerce website is much more than a necessity. We all love to shop from mobile phones due to easy affordability & availability of products. The quicker response from mobile apps is much more amazing than online website. The mobile commerce industry is on the road of growth and there is no evidence of it’s slowing down. Thus, let’s discuss how can you develop mobile apps & make the most out of them.

  • The app can provide small-scale retailers to showcase their product in a marketplace as SOUQ. This app can be helpful to all the sellers in the marketplace, the store owner and the customer who is using the app.

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