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  • Encountering current pending sector count? The parameter indicates the number of unstable sectors on a hard drive or SSD that are yet to be remapped or reallocated. This post answers all of these questions in regarding to what current pending sector count is and how to fit it.

  • What are the advantages of making external hard drive bootable? First one is that you can use a bootable external hard drive to boot the unbootable computer. The second one is that when you don't want to use the system that comes with the computer, you can use bootable drive to boot the computer.

  • World Backup Day takes place on March 31st every year as a way to highlight the importance of backing up data and for people to learn about the increasing role of data in their lives and the importance of regular backups. MiniTool announced its 2019 World Backup Day promo celebration!

  • Have an SD card but find its partition is not showing up or it shows the wrong size? Take it easy now! Professional partition recovery software can help to restore partition on SD card with ease. Now read this post to learn how to restore SD card partition in these two cases.