• Progressive Web Apps are all about offering a native app-like experience to mobile shoppers. In eCommerce, the online store owners have often been lag behind due to efforts or costs involved in doing so. Publishing an app on Google Play Store and Apple App store by surpassing their review isn’t a piece of cake. Also, the submitted app should work with the app store guideline, else the won’t even take a moment to send you a warning.

  • PWA is more reliable, and a future-oriented approach and how CedCommerce is working on this to make it a worthy and valuable experience. Join us as the webinar and get erudition.

  • CedCommerce announced the availability of the all-new Cenia Pro Magento 2 PWA Theme which holds top-notch fresh features making shopping and eCommerce a better experience.

  • With the exponential growth of the mobile application development, the optimization of the platforms and interfaces of apps is becoming necessary due to the ever-growing customers in the area. Robust technology is required nowadays to develop a new mobile app for the business segment that requires minimal time and is effortless and efficient. Below is a comparison between Flutter, React native, and PWA development with different parameters:

  • In order to ensure the sustainability of a business one of the most crucial things is future-proofing it. All the more reason why PWA becomes the need of the hour.