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  • Artificial Intelligence has fulfilled our dream of machines thinking and solving problems just as human beings. By transforming almost every industry, the technology has become a real game-changer in the world. Just like other sectors, AI, along with its subsets (Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Learning Process, etc.), is taking the finance industry by storm.

  • The basic rule of marketing says that "go where the customer already is"; otherwise, you need to spend more money and make additional efforts to make the customer reach you. Well, this strategy suits well for almost all types of business. Be it shopping, banking, travel booking, food ordering, or other things, customers, nowadays, are using mobile phones for everything. And how they do so? The answer is simple: through mobile applications.

  • Flutter is an open-source UI SDK developed by one of the biggest American multinational technology companies Google. The primary purpose behind the development of Flutter is to offer mobile app developers the ease of creating high-performance applications with a single code base. Using Flutter, developers can create apps for Android, Google Fuchsia, macOS, Web platform, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux platforms.

  • Like all other industries, technological revolutions will disrupt the education sector too in 2020 and the upcoming years. Before moving ahead to the trends, let's talk about the technologies which will influence these EdTech trends.

  • Gone are the days when mobile phones were used only for communication. With the advancement in technology, these phones have become smarter and hence, are being used for ordering groceries, booking a taxi, watching movies, booking travel, and running an entire business. And what is making all this possible is a mobile application.

  • With the number of Coronavirus cases increasing every day, it is evident that the entire world is struggling to triumph over this deadly disease. While the top health organizations are aiding funds to facilitate research, many believe that the artificial intelligence might help in decelerating the crisis.

  • Social media is beyond social networking. The fast-growing impact of social media has become a buzzworthy new channel for brand and business. Social media's huge influence has built a potential platform for the audience to shop through social platforms.

  • Today mobile apps are the best way to serve customer’s needs in day to day tasks. In the current market, your presence of mobile apps guarantees to contribute in creating brand recognition.

  • Machine learning is one of the integral elements of AI. The effects of machine learning on industries are offering multitasking opportunities. Machine learning has the potential to not only automate a large process but also decrease the level of difficulties. As these days the market is getting data-fuelled.

  • Innovations in the medical sector are helping to address major deficits while improving the patient experience. Virtual reality surgical simulations make it possible for surgeons to perform complex surgeries.

  • The need for mobile apps is increasing to facilitate targeted users and resolve their problems. Apps helping the user are appreciated and never get uninstalled from the smart apps.

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    Artificial Intelligence is taking many industries by storm. This high tech technology offers techniques to analyze big data and forecast the outcomes. Healthcare with AI is all about offering the services to the patient without any delay or any compromise.

  • The growing trend of augmented reality instruction manuals is increasing to deliver engaging information to the targeted users. Different businesses are introducing Augmented Reality-based User Manual to explore the new possibilities.

  • Virtual Reality technology has a forte in offering Virtual training that is helpful for businesses to offer immersive training. These day VR equipment/devices are getting more in demand with more possibilities. The main purpose of virtual training is to resolve complex situations with more accurate and immersive experience.

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    Many organizations these days have grown interested in opting crisis management application than ever before. The crisis Management application is a real-time platform for handling any types of emergencies, crisis, and disasters.

  • Augmented Reality in Sports: Proving a boon for the sports industry

    The sports industry is considered one of the most entertaining and lucrative industries. The advent of Augmented Reality into sports can be a game changer in many ways. AR is penetrating in sports like other fields such as manufacturing, education, medicine, and others. AR in sports open’s up unique opportunities to players as well as sports management. It is the best way to harness the power of mobile technologies to drive sports excitement.

  • How Virtual Reality is influencing Architects & Interior Designers

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    Architecture firms and Interior Designers has started incorporating Virtual Reality into their practice. VR is helping startups and enterprises to wrap the technology with their creativity. With many solutions, VR is empowering the Architect sector to offer to visualize in 3D models and rendering images.

  • How Virtual Reality will help Real Estate industry to drive sales

    Virtual Reality offers people an immersive environment that is helpful for people to take virtual tours of the houses. VR technology has created a realistic virtual experience for potential buyers by incorporating HD computer-generated images. This technology is an expert in combining the architectural model with 3D photographs/ videos.

  • Virtual Reality Employee Training: company get benefited

    Incorporate training employees is one of the major part among all. Training employees is the effective uses of virtual reality (VR) in business. A wide variety of VR headsets are available on the market to address different challenges in the businesses. The purpose is to fully engage an employee in a virtual world designed to showcase them with potential scenarios of the real world.

  • Why should jewelry businesses opt Augmented Reality?

    Augmented Reality has gained a strong foothold in various verticals. The virtual Try-On concept got popular and the trend is followed by the startups and enterprises. Likewise, Augmented Reality in jewelry has gone successful with more and more brands bringing in the virtual experience to consumers.

  • AR has impacted several industries by immersing preservation, production technicians, and training employees. Likewise, AR in the manufacturing market has emerged as a game changer that can solve key operational problems.

  • Quytech, is a leading Mobile App Development Company in India laid a robust footing in Mobile App development services. Delivering versatile solutions in different technologies, we are one of the best service providers in the industry.

  • In the market, there are many mobile app startups waiting for getting funding support. There are great ideas for a mobile app with a breakthrough concept. But very few of them get into action.

  • Advancing technology is using the human face as a key to security. Artificial Intelligence has created such solutions that are helping users to stay safe while being a part of the tech world.