• Learn details of the Digital as a Key Component of Multichannel Marketing. The report features an overview of the various marketing channels available to pharma, and examines the factors driving change within this field. It analyzes how a wide range of digital marketing methods can be effectively integrated into a synergistic multichannel marketing strategy that allows both traditional and newer channels to complement each other. Analysis of the main challenges and risks associated with digital marketing methods, in addition to potential solutions and approaches to overcoming them, is provided.

  • etouches, a global cloud event management software provider, has launched a new product called Event ROI, which provides businesses with a live view of their event’s return on investment, utilising real-time event data.

  • This is a little story of a about what we started as a brand management and marketing firm that quickly grew into a brand of its own, and before we knew it, into a conglomerate - spanning marketing, e-commerce, magazines and even a  global trust. An introduction to us, a company, that started as a 3-member partnership to now a 13+ company conglomerate. Welcome to the world of the Alpha Bet...