Streptokinase market

  • Streptokinase is referring as a sterile, which is a purified preparation of a protein consists of bacteria, elaborated by group C (beta) that is hemolytic streptococci. Streptokinase is supplied as a lyophilized white powder which contains 25 mg cross-linked gelatin polypeptides, sodium hydroxide to adjust pH, 25 mg sodium L-glutamate and 100 mg Albumin (Human) per vial or infusion bottle as stabilizers. The preparation of it contains no preservatives and it is intended for intracoronary and intravenous administration. Streptokinase is normally used to dissolve blood clots which have been formed in the blood vessels. It is immediately used after the symptoms of a heart attack occur to improve the patient survival. This medicine can also be used to treat the blood clots in the legs and the lungs.