Video Editing

  • Want to watch your favorite DVD movies on your tablet or smartphone? There are many tools will allow you to convert DVD to AVI, MP4, MKV and even - save the sound from the disc as MP3.

  • Leave a lasting impression on your audience with a professional looking YouTube banner. With some free banner maker you can easily create a strong profile that shows them who you are and what you specialize in.

  • There are currently millions of video editors available on the market. If you want to find a free MP4 processing program that is easy to use and enables effective video editing, you've come to the right place. You no longer have to try many different programs to choose the one that's right for you. We compared the most popular editors on the market and are happy to present the best one.

  • The WebM video format is mainly intended for playing HTML5 video. WebM video quality is roughly similar to MP4, and its size is much smaller. However, if you want to play WebM movies in mobile browsers or other media players, you must convert the WebM format to MP4. Converting WebM to MP4 is not a difficult task. You can read this post to download a free WebM to MP4 converter or professional video converters that will allow you to convert the MP4 file in high quality.

  • There are many elements that work together to make a video special but color correction can completely transform the look. Whether subtle or ultra-stylized, how you color correction is optional and depends on your aesthetic. So, what exactly is color correction and where should you start?

  • In many cases. You may have many movies or have downloaded some cool videos from the web which are in the format of AVI. And you like some part in these videos very much and want to capture the part from the video so as to create your remarkable forum avatar. Or ye tend to embed some AVI files to the web page. But it’s difficult to display AVI files on the website as you need some extra coding or additional plug-ins. So a much easier way is to create animated GIF from AVI.