• Opportunity Assessment of Waste Management in US Cities report provides analysis of top players in all regions with industry size, growth, technology, market insights, demand, trend, key statistics and industry forecasts to 2023.

  • New study on ventilators market Top Trends in ventilator market with overview and insights. It segments the ambulatory services, emergency medical services, and home care for growing prevalence of respiratory diseases, increasing preference for portable ventilators in homecare, and growing applications of portable ventilators such as are driving the growth of the portable in market.

  • The report analyzes the global ventilator market by mobility, mode, interface, type, end user, and region. The large share of the intensive care ventilators segment can be attributed to the rising number of intensive care beds equipped with ventilators.

  • With the advancement in modern science and technology, organ failure or deterioration caused by the acute/chronic diseases, congenita malformations, and traffic accidents have become the most prominent social problems. As per the Journal of Chinese Medical Ethics, there are around 1.5 million patients who require organ transplantations in China every year, but only less than 1% of patients can obtain suitable organs. As compared to the traditional artificial organs made up of polymers or metals, the bioartificial organs are made up of living cells and biomaterials. A wide variety bioprinting strategies have been developed to tackle the challenges for the manufacturing of bioartificial organs with physiological functions. The objective of these strategies is to build complex organ geometries through a spatiotemporal pattern of heterogenous types of bio-inks, especially cells.

  • Mobile services have revolutionized our world, and promise to be a key to future transformation. The global mobile broadband industry has become an incredible spectacle to observe, from the many competitors vying for position, the amazing apps streaming into the market, and the constant appearance of new devices.

  • Home energy management systems, or HEMS, are enabling devices for home owners that act as intermediary platforms for a user to manage and monitor their overall consumption of energy on a regular basis. HEMS are therefore useful when it comes to conserving energy and minimizing energy losses over an average day. The global home energy management systems market is currently developing at a very swift pace in order to meet with the growing energy crunch faced by the world.

  • Analytical balances are highly sensitive lab instruments designed to accurately measure mass. Their readability has a range between 0.1mg - 0.01mg. Analytical balances have a draft shield or weighing chamber to prevent the very small samples from being affected by air currents.

  • Thermostats can receive information or communicate wirelessly through the internet or from home automation technology. The term “Programmable Communicating Thermostats” is used by the California Energy Commission to describe programmable thermostats. Some advanced thermostats can be adjusted with the help of computer or Internet capable phone to allow users to adjust the temperature in their home without actually being there.