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  • Business organizations or individuals with a winning app idea needs a potential app development team to support their desired app goals. And with so many options in the market it might get overwhelming sometimes when it comes to choosing the best android app development company. Well, it’s quite obvious that one would want to affiliate with a team who would not only yield great results but also makes the whole experience of the “affiliation” to be a pleasant one. With that being said let’s look at some tips or what to look while choosing an Android App development company:

  • Today’s world is all about technology and technology. The technology is mainly about different apps that make our life easier. App developers are working hard to meet the demand of various uses for apps. The major question a new developer can face is choosing the appropriate language to develop the app.

  • The dawn of the Internet revolutionized the world and soon social media took over countries by a storm. Business progressed on a large scale and communication across continents was made easy. The revolution of Social Media put people into frenzy and soon everyone reverted to Social Media for communication, entertainment and most importantly commercial activities. Commercialization soon led to the practice of marketing on social media which in turn resulted in a new concept being introduced known as Social Media Marketing. So, what exactly is Social Media Marketing?

  • It is that anticipated time of the year when Google launches the new version of Android in the month of August. It all started in 2009 with the launch of Android 1.5 Cupcake, 1.6 Donut and 2.0 Éclair. Later this became an annual affair. With the new features of every successive Android version, Android app developers have to keep updating their apps to be in-line with the new changes. Let us have a comparison of the changes in Android 9(Pie) as against Android 8 (Oreo).

  • In the Android app development and iPhone app development realm, those who do not embrace the latest technology are always bound to be left out or be outcompeted by their peers. The latest technology that mobile app developers need to embrace is making apps that focus on Augmented Reality(AR). This came to the fore after the massive success of the Pokemon GO app, which was completely based on AR and got a massive response just within a short period of time.

  • Whenever Google releases new software for its Android operating systems, most of us love the new things we can do with it. With Android Oreo, we have a lot of improvements to current features, these grab your attention and make you want to get the update as soon as possible.

  • The Android platform is considered as the best mobile operating system in the industry because of the features and facilities that it provides to the developers. The developers work way much to get the application ready according to the user’s expectations and requirements. This has made many Android applications a part of the user’s daily life. There are applications on Play Store that helps many users in their day to day life. Until recent years, the developers use to develop Android applications with Java which was the official programming language of Android platform. The complete Android platform was developed on Java language. The developers used Java as their primary development language for developing an Android application.

  • For any business that wishes to develop a Mobile Application, foremost thing is to set the requirements of app development. May some question arise like your business needs the app for a single platform or multiple platforms? What extra functionality did you need to add on? If it for a niche market or public? Not to worry with any of your questions, we at Vrinsoft Technology assist you with all applications and dilemma to go for.